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“Using tape is just nonsense

Malermester Jens Petter Lunde gives great tips to paint the windows.

"Using tape is just nonsense

"Using tape is just nonsense

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You need:

Scratch and extra leaves, Sandpaper / flat steel brush, oval brushes

  • Wash well and remove any loose paint, brush or brush so that the new paint is good to the old one.
  • The grounding area (first coat) should be slightly laid.
  • Drop paint tip, use a good brush (oval brush), be careful and take it easy.
  • At the bottom of the window it may have cracked between the kit and the glass. Then it is important to fill with paint so that it flows between the old quilt edge and the glass.
  • Ideal weather is cloudy, 16 degrees and no rain. It’s ok to paint when it’s sunny and as long as you stay away from the sun wall. The temperature goes well down to about 8 degrees, and it goes well with up to 22-23 degrees as long as you’re in the shade. Fog and humid air are not beneficial to do the paint job.

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