Urban in the log house

On the adventurous Blessomvollen, urban and rural styles meet to faint.

Urban in the log house

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Urban in the log house

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Urban in the log house

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The farm Blessomvollen is located in Vågå, and the owners inspired adventure and travel when they started renovating the old log building after purchasing the place a few years ago.

The result has become a place with contrasts between new and old, urban and rustic.

Christmas is celebrated in high-ceilinged rooms, surrounded by rough logs.

Urban in the log house

DEKOR: The main house is from 1819. Stolper and wind skis are beautifully cut out by Per Haugen from Vågå, one of the champions in this demanding and traditional field. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Urban in the log house

MASTERPIECE. Also the narrow post between the windows is signed Per Haugen. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Urban Pace

The first thing they did was to remove the worn inner panel in the main rooms on the second floor so that the coarse logs became visible. The next step was to paint some interior details, door frames and small spaces in carefully selected colors that were refreshing, timely and stood for the solid character of the house.

The jewel in the crown

Urban in the log house

SPANISH: From the modern bathroom we look into the master bedroom on the second floor. The partition of glass building stone forms a strict contrast to the rustic style. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

The high-ceilinged main bedroom is the largest and most gifted room in the house. Here the wall behind the bed was painted in a delicate white color and the framing of the door in a contrasting, spring green denomination. On the bed is a true sheepskinn fell made by a local leather trap.

Urban Bath

The wall next door is the bathroom that strikes a completely different glass-clear tone, literally. For this, a tall and massive partition of glass building stone, as well as various modern porcelain forms an almost dramatic, urban contrast to all the rustic in the house.

Urban in the log house

VALUE ROOM: The bedrooms are located on the second floor and the beds are adorned and heated by sausages from Eventyrfellen in Vågå. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Urban in the log house

IN CENTER: The African Lion Dog “Lollo” has the low bench in front of the fireplace as a favorite place. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

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Urban in the log house

QUICK CONTRAST: In the bathroom, old building traditions meet modern impulses. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Urban in the log house

ELDGAMMEL PRESENTATION: The new skigard is set up according to all the art rules of Brødrene Formo in Vågå. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

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