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U-value, witchesot, matrikkel, kuldebro?

Do you struggle to understand the concepts of the home? Now you get help from your own glossary.

U-value, witchesot, matrikkel, kuldebro?

U-value, witchesot, matrikkel, kuldebro?

INCOMPLETE CONCEPTS: Do not know what the U value is in the dictionary for House and Housing. Photo:

It is useful to know what U value means because it indicates the heat loss from your house and from August 1, 2009, the new energy requirements apply to homes that require the U value on doors and windows to be 1.2 or less.

This and other terms can be explained in the Homeowners’ Association’s (HL) dictionary for the home.

Dictionary to trust

Nina Granlund Sæther, Editor of Housing and Housing, HL’s member magazine, got the idea of ​​glossary.

– I found out that I would create a dictionary for the home after I had done many searches online for terms myself, and found many mistakes and misleading explanations, says the editor of

Hus og Bolig has made all the terms in the dictionary in collaboration with a lawyer who has quality assurance concepts.

Glossary has been discovered recently – Wednesday, 6 May, 225 new phrases were added.

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Concept Jungle

Glossary is a good tool for informing you about the confusion of terms.

Whether you rent, rent, own, sell a home, buy insurance or repel; Most of us meet many concepts we can not understand.

It’s no wonder if you do not know that the Disposal Act governs the purchase and sale of real estate or FG Approval is the quality stamp of the Insurance Companies Approval Panel.

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Your aid can now become House and Home’s glossary for homeowners.

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