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Two styles in one apartment

Classic, old town apartment and a tight modern loft apartment in one and the same apartment.

Two styles in one apartment

Asian vibes in the bedroom! The beautiful picture on canvas has been bought in Vietnam, as is the bedspread. The bed is from Skeidar. Photo: Bård Jørgensen

A classic urban apartment with good room feel, stucco and rosettes – or a state-of-the-art loft apartment with dark beams from floor to ceiling? That choice has Thomas and Frøy released. At the Sofienberg Park at Grünerløkka in Oslo they have secured both of them in an apartment. Talk about home happiness!

– We were sure we would stay at Grünerløkka, and this was actually the first apartment we looked at. Looking out of that we do not understand all those out there who chase so long for the dream home, laughing at the couple.

With Sofienberg Park as a garden, and with coffee shops, shops and restaurants barely two hundred meters from the doorstep, it’s no wonder the couple is smiling.

And still they are joking about having an apartment that goes over two levels. The transition from an apartment of 47 square meters has certainly been noticeable.

Now it may take up to 30 seconds before we notice that the other is at home. Just that we have had a lot of fun with, laughs Frøy.

Taken in a thank you

The couple bought the apartment just over two years ago. It took them around four months to brush it up – with good help from family. It was not so small they learned along the way. One of the biggest projects was to move the kitchen to the ceiling, a floor that was basically not so well utilized.

– Before the kitchen lay where our office is today. The broker advised us to move it, so we used the ceiling floor for something. Previously, the kitchen only contained seven square meters of the 107 square meter apartment.

A big kitchen has always been the dream.

It’s nice to have a lot of people in the kitchen without the rule, says the couple.

A friend who is interior designer designed the best kitchen solution. The decor was purchased from Kvik – and the chosen walnut countertop. Both walls and floors were painted in white.

That way, you get the feeling that the kitchen floats, we were told, says Frøy.

Two styles in one apartment

White walls and white floors reflect the light. Out of the small windows there is a view to the Sofienberg Park – and straight to the sky if you wish. Photo: Bård Jørgensen

Different trusts

A concrete table serves as a combined dining and kitchen table.

– We like that table. It’s messed up with the otherwise clean lines in the room, they say.

– But it was so heavy that I think we should sell it with the apartment when we are moving.

Around the table they have chosen to use different chairs. Some are of recent date. Others are flea market and used. It gives a random, laid-back feel and softens the otherwise tight space.

I have probably had the idea of ​​using different chairs in some interior sheet, “says Frøy.


Just cool, creative contrasts are a gangster in the apartment. While in the attic is modern and tight, the first floor is classic and more nostalgic. In the living room on the first floor, the modern light bulb Oslo Wood from Northern Lighting is combined with an old sofa. This shows how cool it can be when old meets new. The fact that Thomas is a little tighter in style than Frøy does not delete anything. Now, Frøy is in the process of a little shabby-chic project.

– I thought to have some shabby-chic style in our office, she says.

Free for curtains

Along one wall in the living room are two bookshelves packed with books. All books contribute to library and lounge tuning in the living room. By dropping curtains they have secured a terrific sight over the tree tops in the lush Sofienberg Park. They also have the same from the bedroom.

Two styles in one apartment

Look at this beautiful bathroom! Black and gray mosaic tiles in the bathroom are raw. Photo: Bård Jørgensen

– It’s so nice, because then we look straight on the trees when we wake up, they say.

It is the bedroom that has undergone the biggest changes. The roof is, among other things, raised – and guess what gift pack as expected!

– We did not know that there were rosettes and stucco in the ceiling. It was a great pleasure to discover it, “says Thomas and Frøy.

From Great Britain

Instead of standard wardrobe solutions, there is a built-in walk-in closet to secure plenty of storage space. The bedroom has an Asian touch. Several of the things in the home derive from foreign travel.

– We often buy things to the apartment when we travel, says the couple.

There are elements from everything from Denmark and France to Vietnam and Malawi. The knots on the chest of drawers are bought in Vietnam. They cost an incredible amount of 2 crowns.

Much of the inspiration picks up the couple while on the move. And not least from hotels and restaurants.

Next Project

Now the next goal is to have a more homely feel to the apartment.

– Now we will make it a little more inhabited here. We have always been nicer in big furniture than on small ones. But we wanted to live a little in first, they say.

Combined apartment and loft booth

But there is hardly any mention of any big impressions of small and nips. There is the limit!

– I do not like to have so much dill in the apartment. It really must not be too much, because I do not breathe, “concludes Thomas.

Two styles in one apartment

Classic and modern Photo: Bård Jørgensen


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