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Two simple tips make it warmer inside

Mounting sealing strips is the easiest thing you can do to get the house warmer.

Two simple tips make it warmer inside

When it’s as cold as it is now, it can be a strain on your house. And sometimes you may feel that you live in Norway’s coldest house when the colds stand and hammer on the outside of the wall.

So what do you do when the cold pushes through cracks and openings.

– The simplest measure is to install seals in windows and doors, if you do not have this, says senior researcher at SINTEF BYggforsk, Trond Bøhlerengen, to bonytt. no.

– And if you have, check the condition of the sealing strips and check if they are tight.

A single piece of paper can determine if the sealing strips close properly.

Mounting Seal Strips

Outdoors around windows and doors can give a measurable heat loss, and this is especially noticeable in houses from the 80s and older.

It may be due to missing seals or that they are getting old and injured.

Two simple tips make it warmer inside

A piece of paper reveals whether your house is close

“The easiest thing we do to get it warmer in an older house is to close the move. Leakage leads to air leaks that give cold draft and heat loss. Inserting seals in doors and windows is easy, and it’s both affordable and efficient, “writes the Riksantikvaren on its pages.

The video below from Green Everyday Single School shows how to easily mount a new seal.

Called from windows

Another place where the cold enters the house is through the windows, and especially these are a critical point where you have large windows.

Two simple tips make it warmer inside

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According to Enova, the windows in a home can account for 40 percent of the heat loss, and this despite the fact that they generally only cover a smaller part of the exterior of the housing.

That’s why it’s a lot to get clean comfortably in reducing the heat loss through the windows, or at least shielding the cold from the windows.

– Windows are generally poorly insulated surfaces. Kaldras occurs when the warm indoor air hits the cold glass surface. The cooled air will fall down to the floor following the principle that cold air is heavier a hot one. And it will again be experienced as unpleasant moves along the floor. To avoid being “hit” by the cold air, the council is from Trond Bøhlerengen and move all the seating furniture away from the windows.

An action that may be useful if you want to reduce the cold flow is to have panel heaters under the largest windows.

Do not drag the curtains for

One thing many might do in the effort to prevent the cooled air from the windows from flowing into the room is pulling the curtains. This discourages the Bohemian bed.

– If you pull, there will be stagnant air between the curtains and the windows, and because the air contains moisture it could result in condensation.

Two simple tips make it warmer inside

The candle test reveals the windows

If this happens for a long time, this could cause a root problem.

– When it dives, the water flows down so that moisture accumulates in the frame. If it lasts too long, it may be wrong. It can destroy surface treatment, wood and mounting materials in window and frame, Enova writes on its web pages.

Do not close the valves

Another thing that is tempting to do when the cold is hammering on the home is to shut it out where it is easy to come in, and then the fresh air valves are often a natural choice.

– You should not do that because the indoor air can contain a lot of moisture. If this is not replaced with fresh air, it may eventually develop condensation on the coldest surfaces, just as the windows are, the Bøhlerengen expands.

Another point is that high humidity air takes longer to heat than dry air.

Two simple tips make it warmer inside

Looks like your roof is something wrong

– In fact, one can sometimes get shocked so that the old air is replaced with new ones, says Bøhlerengen.

– Evacuation can be counteracted by having good ventilation in the room, so that the humidity becomes low. Use the valves, or air regularly, writes Enova.

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