Two sex, two bathrooms

When the apartment was completely renovated, it was cleaned space for two bathrooms. One for him and one for her.

Two sex, two bathrooms

The farmhouse from 1895 was closed down. During the renovation of all rooms in the 220 sqm apartment, the owner accommodated two bathrooms: A 20 sqm full-size, feminine bathroom, and a slightly smaller, masculine bathroom in a strict, tough style.

The owner wanted two bathroom solutions that formed a harmonious whole compared to the rest of the apartment.

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HIS BATH: Raw and Masculine

The boring little bathroom was expanded and tied in a tight and tough style. But the light, it looks like a sunrise.

Two sex, two bathrooms

PLEASE: The lighting system can, among other things, switch between a variety of alternative light scenarios. The sound system boasts 29 built-in speakers distributed across all rooms in the home. Both sound, light and fireplace are controlled by handheld remote controls. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

In the past, the walls of this black bathroom were covered with old, small chalk white tiles. Originally the bathroom had a 1.50m long bathtub, as well as a shower, a washbasin and a shower cubicle.

The most distinctive interior designer of the builder was to expand the former, rather modest shower room considerably.

The plan for a whirlpool bath with long, long tiles was laid early. In addition, there has been room for a spacious sink and a large mirror.

Elongated metallic shutters placed along the wall match the tight room layout in an excellent way.

In the ceiling, velocity flows out of the same advanced speaker system as in the apartment. From the floor, the fascinating dark blue floor light slowly rises in strength as a sunrise when you enter.

It can, among other things, alternate between a variety of alternative scenarios, and boasts 29 built-in speakers distributed across all rooms in the home. Both sound, light and fireplace are controlled by handheld remote controls.

HER BATH: Warm and delicious

The golden color slurry in the floor tiles and the living flame game on the fireplace is about creating dreaming in the “crossover” bathroom.

The owner wanted to bath at approx. 20 sqm would be exotic, calm and feminine without losing the tight expression that characterizes all the other rooms in the apartment.

Two sex, two bathrooms

DELICATE: Previously, there was a living room here, now a golden bathroom. The living room is taken care of with the electric fireplace mounted approx. 80 cm up and into the wall. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

The electric fireplace in the wall represents one of the warm and soft touches. It also makes the specially-imported jacuzzi bathtub.

The environment may otherwise be called a crossover interior. That is, brand new and advanced meets the old and venerable. The bold mirror with wide, gilded frame comes from the owner’s previous home.

Everything was technically planned by the developer, and the bathroom is part of Øyvind Berger’s conscious plan for the 220 sqm apartment. where creating a good connection between the rooms was central. All rooms were matched in brown and white.

The white and brown tiles in the bathroom, for example, enhance the stylistic relationship of the bathroom to the living room and hallway. The feminine bathroom also has access to a spacious veranda.

Project information

Both bathrooms have sanitary equipment from Villeroy & Boch, Dornbracht and Keuco. This is delivered from E.C. Dal Interior. Plumbing works are performed by Kolsås Rør (v / Kim).

All electrical is installed by Totaltek at Gunnar Erlandsen. Light / sound control and Revox sound system comes from Micro-Matic at Askestad.

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