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Tulips make the living room colorful

But this beautiful flower is a poisonous affair.

Tulips make the living room colorful

Tulips make the living room colorful

SAT GLASS VASES: A decoration tip is to make many small bouquets and place them around in different glass vases. Supercute. Photo: Information Office for flowers and plants

Tulips are poisonous.

I did not know, but I must admit that although I know now, I will still celebrate the tulip today with large amounts of the beautiful flower on the table. Feel some twigs, as in the picture above.

If you have small children in the house, you should place the flowers so that the child does not reach them. If your accident should be out and your child should eat the tulip or the onion, call the Poison Information.

As long as you do not eat the plant, it’s just fun to enjoy yourself.

Decorating in the house

This simple flower is made in countless ways, for example in many small vases together with other spring flowers. Or in a lush bouquet – alone or with other flowers.

In the case of tulips, it’s hard to make a mistake, whether you’re thinking of a color makeup or a type of bouquet.

It may be worthwhile to use other onion flowers in mixed bouquets, since the flowers have about the same shelf life, and enjoy the same conditions. Otherwise, just drive. You can have the tulips in one vase and other flowers in other vases.

Tulips are also nice to have in the garden, so just start planting onions.

Popular Flower

One may wonder why the tulip has its own day, does it really need it? Tulips should light up in the living room throughout the winter, in my opinion, and not necessarily on a particular day.

That’s because we set the start for this year’s tulip season, and the tulip is a very popular flower, “said Tonje Bergh, Head of the Flower and Plants Office.

So popular, actually that it even has its own Facebook page! I was not so bad that I had to take a look. Here are lots of nice pictures and some tips. Is it useful? Doubtful, but at least BoligDream has the “body” page, so we’ll see.

Tablets durability

  • Buy the tulips in a well-developed bud. Make sure the buds have color.
  • Take the tulips out of the paper, but keep the plastic in the first few hours.
  • Cut the tulips (one to two centimeters) directly above. Preferably under running water.
  • Put the tulips in a clean vase in lukewarm water. Leave them cool for the first few hours.
  • Remove the plastic and place the tulips in the vase with cold water. Feel free to keep the bulb for a while.
  • Set the flowers cool every night, then they last longer.

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Tulips make the living room colorful

LEKER BUKETTER: Tulips can be placed in a vase together with other flowers as shown in the picture on the left, but the best is to put them together with other onion flowers. Then all the flowers will last for about as long. Photo: Information Office for flowers and plants

Tulips make the living room colorful

TOXIC BUT GREAT: A large bouquet of tulips is fresh in the house. Only you do not eat them, you can enjoy beautiful bouquets of delicious colors. Photo: The Flower and Plants Office.

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