Total transformation of the bathroom

With simple grip, we decorated a bathroom in three different styles – lush, feminine and fresh.

Total transformation of the bathroom

Do you have an upgraded bathroom you are basically satisfied with, but you would like to do something more personal?

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It does not have to cost the world. Some new colors on the towels, some nice lights and a green plant can do a lot for the whole. There is astonishing little that will help you to refresh one of the most important rooms in the house.

Many bathrooms have a neutral and clean style, simple furnishings and practical solutions. Then simple steps can make the room more personal, depending on what style you want.

See also video of how to renew the bathroom with easy grip.

Soft and feminine

The feminine bathroom inspires spa and wellness.

Total transformation of the bathroom

FROM HAM TO HEN: Pink flower vases in two sizes, kr 49 pr. stk. , and jewelry, kr 329 (Dorothea). Cloth, 30×30 cm, kr 12,50, lotion, kr 89, and hand and shower soap, kr 79 pr. stk. (Fryd). Silver ball w / pink inner alloy, kr 99 (Saape). Photo: Jan Larsen

In this bathroom you expect to be greeted with good smells of soft, beneficial oils.

If you want to give away gifts to the owner of such a bath, the task is simple: scented candy and body lotions, soaps of all flavors and goodies to fill the bath with.

How to make your own, fragrant spa in the bathroom.

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A touch of jungle

Total transformation of the bathroom

A ROSA DRESS: Bathrobe Deluxe, $ 399 (Princess). Butterfly hooks with suction cup, kr 39 pr. stk. , and toilet paper, NOK 99 (Saape). Toftbo bath mat, kr 98 (Ikea). Towels, 50×100 cm, kr 59, and 70×140 cm, kr 119 (Fryd). Photo: Jan Larsen

Total transformation of the bathroom

KOS DEG IN THE BADKARET: Artig badedame, kr 129, (Kremmerhuset). Bathtubs: Bath Creamer with Vanilla Dust. The bullets contain shea butter and essential oils and have a relaxing effect, NOK 35 per. stk. Bath gem (looks like a cocktail) w / raspberry powder contains shea butter and essential oils and has a refreshing effect, kr 29 pr. stk. Silver ball w / pink inner alloy, kr 149 (everything from Saape). Leaf holder in plexiglass, kr 429, and pillow w / butterfly, 30×70 cm, kr 229 (both from Fryd). Vinglass, kr 69 (Dorothea). Photo: Jan Larsen

The green bathroom provides associations to lush nature with a touch of jungle. Here are braided baskets and barrels, green plants, light brown bastards and sandblasted pebbles. An environment where it’s easy to dream away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Total transformation of the bathroom

UNDER THE PALMES: Fireplace basket, kr 249 (Kremmerhuset). Pachira Aquatica Potted plant, kr 395 (Ikea). Photo: Jan Larsen

In order to get a lush style, the main colors are kept in earth colors like brown and beige with elements of green.

Plants from the rainforest enjoy themselves in the bathroom. Among the plants that thrive in the humid and warmed environment are orchid, bostonbread, aloe vera, stews, ivy, peace lily and red peperomia.

Also see this bathroom in nature’s colors.

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Colorful and fresh

A colorful bathroom provides extra energy and suits the whole family. Orange and blue provide fine contrasts and also makes it easier to distinguish between him and her. However, it is advisable to use them as additional colors, which can easily be replaced by season and desire.

Total transformation of the bathroom

FRODIG: Green Thisted towel, 100×150 cm, kr 139, and coconut mat Sindal, kr 29 (IKEA). Skrubbehanske, kr 29, and scratch tape, kr 49 (Kremmerhuset). Toilet paper, kr 149 (Body Shop). “Skinnkurv”, kr 498 from Fryd. Photo: Jan Larsen

Total transformation of the bathroom

EASY AVAILABLE: Brown towel Bamboo in size. 50×90 cm, kr 69. Towel, 70×130 cm, kr 119 (both from Princess). Green towel Thisted, 100×150 cm, kr 139, and Rebus trash, kr 89 (Ikea). Photo: Jan Larsen

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Total transformation of the bathroom

PUSS, PUSS: Toothbrush holder, NOK 55 per. stk. , and toothbrushes, NOK 20 per. stk. (Soap). Photo: Jan Larsen

This shower is spinning

No space for a bathtub? See here


Fryd: 22 27 98 51

Total transformation of the bathroom

GAMES: On the floor on the left: Foot massager, kr 149 (Saape). Orange bathrobe Deluxe, kr 399 (Princess), and light bulb, kr 69 (Kremmerhuset). By the sink; Shea body lotion, kr 139, Body brush round, kr 149 (both from Body Shop). Photo: Jan Larsen

Body Shop: 22 01 90 30

Princess Interior: 22 27 64 70

Kremmerhuset: 22 83 86 22

Saape: 21 66 51 73

Dorothea: 64 97 21 50


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