Top 5 trends in the bath for 2016

We want the bathroom to look like in 2016.

Top 5 trends in the bath for 2016

There is little doubt that it is no longer just the living room we spend time in. The party is in the kitchen and movie nights are held in the bedroom.

With it, the interior of all the rooms of the house is more important, also in the bathroom. Here it’s not about 10 minutes to shower and toothpick every morning, now there’s room for TV, green plants and well-being.

Want real item

– There is more technology in the bathrooms. Sensor-controlled cranes, integrated speakers and built-in TV in mirrors, says Mia Kjeldstad Hansen, interior design designer in Intro design.

– The colors get a bit louder and we are more daring with the dark shades. The expression is becoming more and more individual, she adds.

According to the interior expert, the range is also larger of fixed installations, such as a washbasin and shower, and you can choose in more organic forms.

– Here’s more in brass and concrete. Using imitation materials is completely out. Now it’s true, Hansen states.

Hexagon tiles, teracotta and marble

The tiles in the bathroom can be simple and single-colored, or in pattern. The hexagon tiles are in, and the same are Moroccan tiles and marble.

The Moroccan tiles have so far been used most with intricate patterns, but here it is now more and more of the geometric variants that appear, Hansen explains..

Otherwise, it is now more common with almost seamless bath, we must believe the expert. In this regard, microsement is something we see more and more of. At the same time, more people want to hide the shower, as it is usually in the middle of the shower. Here is a unidrain solution a nice alternative.

– This also works well if you want big tiles on the floor as you only need to fall from one side, Hansen tips.

Unidrain is a solution where you get a longer, thin turn off the wall, rather than having it in the middle of the shower.

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Top 5 trends in the bath for 2016

70’S BACK: We want to see a minimalist style combined with colors and exciting tiles inspired by the 70’s and the ethnic. Photo: Modena tiles

Want more colors

Norwegians have finally turned their eyes on color, and according to the trend experts, increasingly deeper colors find their way into Scandinavian homes – which have so far been minimalistic and bright.

Top 5 trends in the bath for 2016

Terracotta tiles, marble, hexagon and tiles with ethnic pattern

Various structures, brass, dark elements (f. example. on luminaire), glass combined with warm and deep shades.

Large tiles 75 x 75 cm and 120 x 60 cm

Green plants that give sense of well-being and purity

Furniture like a chair or bench – the bathroom should be a paradise for well-being

(Sources: Modena Group AS / Pej Group Scandinavian Trend Institute)

Should we believe Pernille Kirstine Møller, Trend Editor and Co-ordinator of Trend Analysis Agency Pej Group in Copenhagen, will be especially terracotta tones to look at the bathrooms in the future.

– Over the next few years, we will see more of colors and inspire other ethnic cultures, providing space for patterns and creativity. Especially hot terracotta tiles will make a comeback, Muller stated in a press release.

We also get more interest in marble for use on large surfaces, rather than details in the home. We will also see a minimalist style combined with colors and exciting tiles inspired by the 70’s and the ethnic.

The marble trend continues

We have certainly not managed to get tired of it, and now that we see it in several colors, we will have it with us for a long time to come.

– The marble is vulnerable and not very fond of excess oxygen or too much water. It also requires treatment if you want it in the bathroom, Pål Gundersen in Modena Gruppen AS can tell.

According to Gundersen there is still a great interest in minimalist tiles and we see an increase in the combination of concrete and terracotta, with neutral but rustic patterns.

– We have been waiting for marble, and especially light marble. We think there will be more of this in 2016 and 2017, and most people will combine marble with other materials like dark stone interpreting with consistent color. Tile manufacturers have seen this trend and now come with a marble imitation on tile that does not require maintenance in the same way as real marble, says Gundersen.

According to him, the tile manufacturer sees demand for large tiles and also tiles in special sizes, such as fish patterns or hexagon tiles.

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Top 5 trends in the bath for 2016 MARMOR: We have certainly not been able to get tired of it, and now that we see it in several colors, we will have it with us for a long time to come. Photo: Modena tiles

Some things require planning

However, if you are ready for some refreshment in the bathroom, it is important to remember that renovation or furnishing of wet rooms requires some planning. Not everything survives too long in a wet room, and certified professionals should make the most of the job. The latter is also important for the insurance to cover any damage if something should go wrong.

– Whatever you choose to go for of expressions and design solutions in bathrooms; always make sure that the basic work is done properly and that what you insert can withstand a warm and humid room. There is much that can look cool on pictures, but sometimes it works badly practically, warns Hansen.

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