Tonje and Kjetil live in a traffic station

Not all southern Norway fillets come with white stakittgjerde.

Tonje and Kjetil live in a traffic station

Say the southern shore and you will see small white houses, white painted fences and idyllic well-kept garden patches. But who says that real southern Norway platter must be white-painted and nostalgic?

Ton Røyseth and her husband Kjetil have created idyll in buckets and buckets in a closed traffic station in Grimstad – no more than a single stakittgjerde in sight.

Here we assemble rough industry and delicate crystal chandeliers with the greatest sense of self-esteem. Cat pusses and sandy children feed between family songs and modern art, and from the rooftop terrace you can enjoy light summer nights, cold drinks and panoramic views of the idyllic southern village.

In Eleventh Hour

The old railway station was originally from 1937. In 1995 the traffic was dropped, and for ten years it was a desolate building site before the municipality decided that it had to be removed.

– After much time, I was allowed to buy the traffic from the municipality in 2006, just before they planned to be demolished, explains Kjetil.

– There were a lot of raised eyebrows and many who did not understand what I was thinking about. I think they thought that I had taken water over my head here.

Tonje and Kjetil live in a traffic station

RÅTØFT: Concrete walls, used furniture and pale green floors; In this house it’s not quite like in any other house. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Deep Roots

Tonje and Kjetil live in a traffic station

A GOOD PROJECT: Tonje, Kjetil and Little Åsta Elise call their home for. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

For Kjetil, it was not just impulse and would have the idea of ​​a unique house that made the old traffic station close to his heart.

– No, I’m from Grimstad and have always looked at this brick in the middle of the city, explains Kjetil.

– I’ve been used to being part of the cityscape. Dad grew up two houses above here and both my grandparents were born and raised in this street, so I feel a unique belonging to this particular building and part of the city.

So luck was great when the municipality turned and Kjetil got to buy the traffic. Although it would still be a few years before it became his home.

Intensive Refurbishment

In the middle of it all, Kjetil and Tonje’s love story also began.

– I remember that Kjetil took me to look at the traffic station when we just got together. And I think he was a bit impressed when I thought it was just as fun as he thought, “explains Tonje.

There was no doubt for the young couple, that’s where they were going to live. In the summer of 2008 they were seriously undergoing renovation.

And even though it was a big job, it took only a little year to start properly until we could move in at Easter times the following year.

Determined for green floors

Tonje and Kjetil live in a traffic station

DREAMFUL: Large terraces on both sides of the house allow the family to enjoy the view of Grimstad harbor around the clock. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Some things were sacred when it came to the refurbishment project; other things took the pair a little.

Tonje and Kjetil live in a traffic station

How to get the neighborhood’s hippest kitchen

“It was a priority to make the most of the view and we wanted as much air and light as possible,” says Kjetil..

In all floors, they introduced water-borne heat, which gives a comfortable and warm indoor temperature throughout the year.

– Sola also warms through the big windows, which is both environmentally friendly and practical, explains Tonje.

Isolate the walls the couple chose to do from the outside of the building so that they could keep the raw concrete walls inside.

– The walls were just cleaned and vacuumed and inserted with primer, explains Kjetil.

Kale green floor

Some decisions were carefully thought out and planned to the smallest detail, others became more random. Like the pale green floors.

Tonje and Kjetil live in a traffic station

HEART’S HEART: Kjetil runs the popular restaurant Apotekergården in the center of Grimstad, and loves to cook at home too. The kitchen found the couple in the cheap hut on Ikea, while the big closet is inherited from Kjetil’s grandmother. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

– Kjetil just painted the floor like that suddenly while I was in Oslo in connection with school, laughing Tonje.

Tonje and Kjetil live in a traffic station

ROOM WITH A VIEW: There is nothing to expose to the view of the harbor in Grimstad from the old railway station. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

– At first I was a little nervous, we had talked about parquet – and now he should suddenly have green floors!

But the green floors should prove to be the right decision.

– Now I love that floor, laughs Tonje.

TIP: The floor is painted with Oxan oil-based floor paint for wood and concrete with color code S3060-G30Y.

Likes to decorate with old stuff

There is a long way between the new things at Tonje and Kjetil. Flea and family songs dominate, and the young couple is also often in Finn. no.

We did not have any special plan when it came to the style or the interior, we simply bought things we thought were beautiful and hoped it would fit together, Tonje explains..

The walls of the home are filled with a blissful mix of art, children’s drawings and old family photographs. Colorful boxes under the couch testify to toys that are both available and could be hidden. Styles are mixed in new and exciting ways.

“We chose to invest in used things had a lot to do with economy,” says Tonje.

– But it’s also that it’s when you have scarce resources that you have to think creatively. In our case, it became fun to take care of the possibilities and not the limitations.

In addition, it had become a little wrong with brand new perfect things here. This house means that things are well used, rough and have a little soul, Kjetil shoots.

The old leather furniture found the pair in flea market, and the chandelier bought Kjetil from a resturant to lay down. The couple believes it will be the best at home when taking some chances – and decorating things that have soul.

Tonje and Kjetil live in a traffic station

FAMILY ZONE: Upstairs at the showroom where the kitchen is located, the family has accommodated a TV hook with a large sofa. Here, both friends and family gather for nice moments. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

– The dining table and chairs were bought unseen at Finn. no, Tonje explains.

Tonje and Kjetil live in a traffic station

Brennheit coffee shop in Oslo

The dinnerman returned home from Kjetil’s previous restaurant, and the old closet was inherited after grandmother.

Found kitchen in the kitchenette

For Kjetil, a trained chef and daily, the restaurant Apotekergården in Grimstad city center, it was getting a smart and functional kitchen something of the most important thing that had to be done when the traffic was to be fitted.

– We had fallen in love with this kitchen in Ikea, but agreed that it became too expensive, explains Tonje.

– In the last second we decided we just had to have it anyway.

But when the pair stood in grocery checking line to pay for your dream kitchen, it occurred to you almost would not think could be possible.

Tonje and Kjetil live in a traffic station

Absolutely raw family residence

– While Kjetil held the place in the queue, I took a turn around the cheap hook, something I always do, explains Tonje.

– And there, believe it or not, our kitchen was at half price! Someone had bought it, found out that it did not fit and delivered it back earlier that day.

Through a large window you can enjoy views of Grimstad harbor area from the second floor, the fairground where the kitchen is also located.

– We ordered the windows from a company in Poland when we renovated the building. Something we saved many thousands in compared to ordering the same windows here in Norway, explains Kjetil.

The couple admits that there are many little things left to be done before they can rest on their laurels in their new home. But the relaxed and unpretentious holiday town atmosphere exists as much in Tonje and Kjetil as at the pier a few meters below.

– Yes, especially now that we got Åsta Elise. Now we do things when we have time and afford. Everything else can wait, Tonje explains.

The happy homeowners explain that they both try not to get stressed to be done.

Tonje and Kjetil live in a traffic station

CONTRASTER: Tonje and Kjetil do not like the interior to be self-contained and completely decorate a mix of new and old, skirt and rugged, rustic and glamorous. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

– Sometimes it’s even almost as good when things are half-finished, as when it’s done and perfect.

Tonje and Kjetil live in a traffic station

Daring hotel with ladies everywhere

Last year, Tonje and Kjetil were awarded the Building Protection Prize 2012 by Grimstad City’s Company for the work with the old railway station.

Washed 10,000 bricks for building houses

The Grünerløkka apartment has a garden on the garage roof

Industrial Interior: Absolutely Crude Family Residence

Tonje and Kjetil live in a traffic station

INITIAL MIC: In the bedroom, Tonje and Kjetil have made room for smart storage solutions. The bathroom has a rugged style of tropical shower, bath and granite countertops. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen


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