Tom Christian bought the trevilla unseen

Tom Christian and Glenn André bought the trevilla in Sandefjord unseen. It gave the house a harmonious soul.

Tom Christian bought the trevilla unseen

It’s now twelve years since Tom Christian Iversen (39) bought the trevilla in cozy Sandefjord.

– And now begins the final look that way as it should, he tells the magazine Bonytt and laugh an infectious laughter.

Tom Christian is originally from Trøndelag, but had many friends and acquaintances in the old whaling village. He was often visited and quickly became fond of the local community.

The Villa in Sandefjord

Who? Tom Christian Iversen (39) and Glenn André (43), both cabin crew in Widerøe.

What? Trevilla of about 130 sqm from the 1920s. Modern furniture and harmonious color palette give life and drive to the antique soul of the house.

Where? Huest is located in an orchard in the center of Sandefjord.

– One day, I just learned that this house was for sale. It was empty, so I strolled into the old orchard and looked into the windows. It looked like something that could be a very atmospheric home, he says.

But moodful or not, there was a lot to do with it. The tiled walls were covered with layers of painted plates and wallpaper. And the soft pine floor was covered with several layers of linoleum. With time for help, everything was removed.

– I have done a lot with friends, and I have rented some labor. We did not know what we would find under all teams, but we had luck and found solid wood in good condition, he says.

Lead the White Era

Tom Christians’ Tips for Creating Mood

1. Surround yourself with things that matter to you and as you like. It’s no big deal if it’s in a different style than the rest of the interior. If you like it, it will work

2. Trust your own judgment. Just because something is nice and expensive in a catalog or in a magazine, it may not be necessary to put the dot on your home.

3. Use colors. Do not be afraid to experiment, it’s very easy to paint.

4. Enter textures with different textures. It softens the interior and makes it less formal.

5. Fill the house with good friends and good wine as often as possible.

Follow Tom Christian and Glenn André at Instagram @vaarthus.

At first, all surfaces were painted white. But three years ago, he and cohabitant Glenn André Pedersen (43) became tired of what they describe as “the white era”.

– Yes, we wanted to put color on the walls, and now we’ve finally got them all colored, “he says..

As the paint manufacturer Jotun has its headquarters in Sandefjord, it was fair and reasonable to choose colors from Jotun’s color chart.

– We are concerned with tradition and the local community. But most busy we were to find nice colors for our home, “says Tom Christian.

Blue tones, green shades and something in between caresses most of the walls. And like the color scheme, the interior style is essentially modern and Scandinavian, with eclectic touches that add charm and warmth..

– We like clean lines, but we’re not doing anything new. You can not create a nice and cozy home in a 1920s wooden villa without bringing in any heritage or antiques. So we have a bit of it too, he says.

It is he who is most interested in the interior of the couple.

– Glenn Andre is definitely interested, too, but I’m probably the driver, says Tom Christian.

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The couple wanted to keep it light and airy, even after they painted the walls with new colors. Cut flowers bring nature into the living room. PHOTO: Filippa Tredal. STYLING: Tone Crochet.

Tom Christian bought the trevilla unseen

Natural daylight flows through the windows. Green walls cooperate with nature outside the windows and create a fresh expression. PHOTO: Filippa Tredal. STYLING: Tone Crochet.

Tom Christian bought the trevilla unseen

Tom Christian is fond of art. The picture on the wall is by Lise Brissach, it was painted as part of the act of a piece of theater he was with with the parents. PHOTO: Filippa Tredal. STYLING: Tone Crochet.

Tom Christian bought the trevilla unseen

An electric blend of glass vases in glass and ceramics is in sculptural formation on the living rooms. PHOTO: Filippa Tredal. STYLING: Tone Crochet.

Tom Christian has learned to count on his inconvenience. He was so convinced he would like the refurbishment that he bought it without having been inside. And he has not regretted. PHOTO: Filippa Tredal.

The rug under the table adds softness to the interior. The kitchen is from Ikea, and a mix between glass doors and closed fronts gives a nice impression. PHOTO: Filippa Tredal. STYLING: Tone Crochet.

The closet in the bedroom was previously in the brewery of Glenn André’s family in Fredrikstad. The bag is a used purchase. The color code on the wall is 6325 Balance in super matte finish from Jotun Lady Pure Color. PHOTO: Filippa Tredal. STYLING: Tone Crochet.

Tom Christian bought the trevilla unseen

In the guest room the curtain has become a natural bedside heaven due to the bed’s location. The blue furniture is a sibling inherited from grandmother. The boards on the wall found Tom Christian in the basement. PHOTO: Filippa Tredal. STYLING: Tone Crochet.

Made Major Changes

And if the furniture choices are thoughtful, it’s more about being silent than spending a long time deciding.

– Yes, it’s a goal to find things that dress the trevilla and emphasize it in the best way. Now we have moved on some walls, so we’ve changed it from how it was built. But I like to think we’ve done the house a favor, “he says.

And probably he is right. By moving walls on the ground floor, the light inlet became better and the tumble space increased. Tumble space can be needed, because hardly a day goes without friends and family sticking in on a spontaneous visit for a coffee and a chat.

– I follow my stomach feeling when I’m in. I have no favorite color, it’s all about creating atmosphere. It’s nothing scary to experiment with colors, because it’s wrong, just talking about it, he says.

Even pink has sneaked in like a pleasant contrast to the blue and green.

– I never believed in the world that I would have a pink home with me. But I’ve been aware that small details can make a big difference. And because small details can quickly change, then it’s okay to get out of their comfort zone from time to time, he says.


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