Today the rock museum opens

Rockheim Museum Rockheim in Trondheim opens only in early summer.

Today the rock museum opens

Today the rock museum opens

GLATT MOT GROVT: Inside, slippery surfaces face rugged concrete. Photo: Pir II Architects / rockheim

Today the rock museum opens

Dream home on minitomt

Today the rock museum opens

See architects dream home

Today the rock museum opens

The house with 8 meter window

Today the rock museum opens

See the kitchen disappearing

The plan was to open Rockheim, Norway’s official rock museum this spring, but due to technical challenges, we will be ready until early summer, “said editor Many Gisvold in rockheim. no to click. no in April this year.

He looked forward to the opening of the spectacular building in Trondheim.

Now he can finally let go of the joy.

Today, 5. In August, Rockheim finally opens the National Museum for Rock and Pop in Norway.

From kl. 15 food and drinks are served outside the museum and at. 16 opens the doors and there is free entry today.

The first concert at Rockheim’s scene starts at. 19, and it’s Beatniks that is pull-plastered.

Rock Architecture

Pir II Architectural Office is behind the new architectural landmark in Trondheim. The same architectural office has also drawn the popular beach bar on Stokkøya at the far end of Fosen.

– The original building, mellow from 1919, has great antiquarian value and we made a clear distinction between the old part of the building and the new elements, says Håvard Skarstein, project manager in Pir II.

On the outside, the sky-blue skylight displays sparkling light art. Here are elements from the rock’s history incorporated into the wall’s decoration.

Today the rock museum opens

POPHISTORY: Highlights from the Norwegian rock jewelery facade. See who this is? Photo: Rockheim

The restaurant is located between the box and the old building.

Pending Experiences

In the past, Adressa wrote that the creative creator of the virtual part of Rockheim, Canadian Stacy Spiegel, believes Rockheim will be the world’s most technologically sophisticated museum.

Inside Rockheim’s permanent exhibition is housed. It is set up as a journey through recent Norwegian music and cultural history, spread over 1320 square meters.

“We have created an exhibition where the user himself triggers playback and viewing of different media; audio, image and video. Thus, every visit to the permanent exhibition becomes a new experience “they write at rockheim. no.

The museum will also have changing exhibits, and there are also three experience rooms in the building.

Here you can, among other things, know what it’s like to stand on the stage in front of thousands of fans.

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Today the rock museum opens

NEW ON TOP: The Rock Museum is located in an old converted mansion on Brattørkaia. Photo: Rockheim

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Wallpaper shelves Norwegian architecture

This is how the National Museum becomes

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