To attach things to the drywall

See our video with the best tips for gypsum hanging.

To attach things to the drywall

Now it’s easy to hang things in the drywall.

See our expert show you how in the video above.

Light things to hang up

In the lightest photos you can use a nail or screw. Remember to angle down. Then the load is moved all the way to the wall.

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A bit heavier

With the exception of the gypsum hook, switch to so-called two-component solutions. That is, you turn or turn in a part first and screw a screw into it. The advantage of these is that you do not get lost.


The most solid fittings in the plaster wall are obtained by using an expansion screw. This is also a two-component solution. The part that attaches to the plasterboard folds out on the back and clamps into the plate. Here you must forbid and the attachment is difficult to remove once you have attached it.

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Very heavy

If you are going to hang up the flat screen, you must attach more than the plaster itself. You simply have to use solid wood screws, screw through the plaster and into a stern on the back. The stand is behind the joint on the plates.

A good aid when turning the wall is laser detector, which locates power, metal and where it is striking behind the plasterboard. Then you can turn right into them instead of the drywall.

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