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Tips for the garden party

Hanne Mette Huseby won second place in BoligDrøm’s competition for Norway’s Dream House. It’s a party worthy!

Tips for the garden party

The family Huseby lives in a residential area on Nidelvåsen outside Arendal. The house has a lovely terrace and a small garden, a patio used diligently both by family and friends.

Hanne Mette loves to cover for a party.

Today she has baked white, lovely cupcakes and decorated them with blue pennants, which she has made herself.

She has also baked a very tall and summery soft cake decorated with edible violins.

The table is covered in blue and pink, and the cake party can begin. Hermine has got a flower wreath in her hair, and summer is a fact.

– We have a completely unspoiled garden in the middle of the residential area, with sun from morning to evening, access to large free areas nearby and just a short bike ride to nice beaches, says Hanne Mette.

Tips for the garden party

HIPP HURRA! Hermine has got a flower wreath in her hair, while Marius thinks it’s safest on Dad Jarle’s fang. Morten thinks pink juice is okay as long as it tastes good. The party on the terrace is lovely, no matter the day and the occasion. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Hanne Mette’s soft cake

Tips for the garden party

BLOOD CAKE: A delicious soft cake is easy to make, but has a great effect on the table and on the dish. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

4 eggs

150 g sugar

150 g flour flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

6 dl cream flow

6 tablespoons sugar

1 pk vanilla cream

1 basket of fresh strawberries

Set the oven to 200 degrees. Whip egg and sugar into egg dose, sift in flour and baking powder and mix lightly. Fill the batter in a lubricated form (22-24 cm). Turn the oven down to 175 degrees and cook on the bottom shelf for 30 minutes. Cool in the mold before pouring it over to the grid. Cool completely. Share in 3 teams (or as many as you get). Have vanilla cream and strawberries between each layer. Stir pan with sugar and decorate the cake with lots of cream and edible flowers like violins.

Child Friendly Housing

Tips for the garden party

FIOLES ARE BLUE: Hanne Mette has decorated the soft cake with edible violins and gave it a summery twist. Morten is looking forward to it. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Tips for the garden party

COVER TIPS: Muffins are easy to make and easy to decorate if you only have some equipment. Here, Hanne Mette has sprayed on a white cream and decorated with cocktail sticks that have been clothed with cloths. The table card is a piece of tabletop wrapped on the glass, and printed with chalk. Simple, smart and great! Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

– Of course, it is a lot because of the children we live in such a residential area. Here they have friends in almost every house over the street, “says Hanne Mette.

Tips for the garden party

HAGEKOS: The Huseby world is a finishing house with food in all corners. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Of course, it results in the children running in and out of each other, a scenario that many people can recognize in.

– Yes, the kids run freely around, and the adults in the field look at each other’s children, “says Hanne Mette.

– It makes us feel safe and comfortable to live, she adds.

Hanne Mette and Jarle bought the house key clarified in 2009, and moved in that summer.

Both are originally from Sørlandet, but lived a few years in Oslo.

– We wanted to come back and decide when we should have a third party, says Hanne Mette.

Both Hanne Mette and Jarle are educators and work in kindergartens, but when they are free, they love to care in the house and garden.

Personal Home

The first Hanne Mette did when they moved in, putting a personal touch on the workshop.

Tips for the garden party

LITTLE EXOTIC: With simple means, the Huseby terrace is lifted from normal to exotic. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

– We’re pretty home-loving, maybe that’s why I’m so interested in creating well-being and food around me, believe Hanne Mette.

She has always been an aesthetist, but emphasizes that the home should be functional.

– It is certainly allowed to climb the sofa. But still it’s going to be good, says Hanne Mette.

Blog Living

Shortly after they moved in, Hanne Mette started blogging, and eventually the blog Huseby Living has become one of the big.

– I read some blogs when we were going to decorate here, and since I love taking pictures, it became natural to make my own. There I get out of my creativity and it’s fun with response, “says Hanne Mette.

Tips for the garden party

CLEAN LINES: The living room is classic and simple, with cool gray and white tones. The oak floor warms up, along with family photos and candles. The sofa is from Ikea. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Like other bloggers, Hanne Mette finds many of his ideas in this sphere.

– We have created our table after Mrs. Hardys dining table, says Hanne Mette.

Mannequin and Girl Kitchen

Although both Jarle and Hanne Mette like to set the house, there is no equality at all points.

– Inside, I probably decide most, but Jarle largely agrees. However, I can only forget white flooring, he has put his foot down, says Hanne Mette.

Tujahekken against the road was a compromise.

Tips for the garden party

COVER TO CELEBRATE: Hanne Mette Huseby loves to decorate outside as well as inside. Self-made pennants make everyday life a feast. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

– I would love to have stakittgjerde, but Jarle thought we had enough things to be painted and kept in order. That’s why it became “manneck”, as I call it. And I can live with that, so says Hanne Mette.

Tips for the garden party

KITCHEN: The interior of Kvik is personalized with a monthly calendar for the family’s activities under the fan, made of porcelain oil. The children’s artwork hangs on the fridge. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Hanne Mette’s favorite room in the house is the kitchen.


– I’m not the one who loves to cook at any time, but I’m really enjoying the kitchen, says Hanne Mette.

You can see it on both muffins and softcakes. But there is another place Hanne Mette thrives better.

– I love sitting at the kitchen table, she says.

Right behind the kitchen table stands Hanne Mette’s display case, which she still cleans. A fact that has also been well documented in her column in BoligDrøm – the interior blogger.

Tips for the garden party

VITRINELYKKE: Hanne Mette loves her showcase and changes the “exhibition” by season. The dining table is bought in a second-hand shop, while the chairs are from Bolia. The chandelier is from the interior shop Lille Hvite in Risør. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Kitchen luck despite the fact that the Huseby family is going to get along properly, they are sitting in the big corner sofa.

– There’s room for everyone when we get together with popcorn and a fun TV show or movie, says Hanne Mette.

If you want to see more from Hanne Mette’s home, you will find it in the latest version of BoligDrøm, which is on sale now.

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Tips for the garden party

LOFT: Between the bedrooms on the second floor is the loft room. Here, an Ikea sofa has lots of delicious pillows in brown and beige. The brown carpet is from Skeidar, the carpet with stars is from Pappelina. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Tips for the garden party

SVALT: The parents’ room is white, white, white. Shelves, bedside tables and lamps from Ikea. Bedding from HM Home. A pink pillow from Åhléns gives some color. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen


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