Tips for the entrance hall

Once to welcome you, be pretty to look at and give a full overview. Here are the tips.

Tips for the entrance hall

Tips for the entrance hall

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Tips for the entrance hall

Check this smart decor

Tips for the entrance hall

How to get the words in the kitchen

Tips for the entrance hall

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With smart storage solutions, you take chaos control over your hallway. Here you will find more tips for a decorative and efficient entrance:

  • Learn the colors and expand the hallway with a coat of paint or two: Do ​​you paint the door in the same color as the wall, it takes apparently less space. The same applies if you paint it in bright colors.
  • Provide smart kicking. If you have a lot of pairs, even size 34 shoes take a lot of space. Invest in a closed shoe cabinet or shoe rack, so the guests do not have to stumble in.
  • There’s only one thing you can never get enough of in an entrance hall: Knagger. The more cuddles, the better the space. And when you get started – make sure you have space for some hangers too.
  • Set limits on how many pairs of shoes one can have in the hallway. For example, say three pairs, the rest can be stored in the closet in the bedroom. The same goes for jackets.

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Tips for the entrance hall

DO ENTRÉ: Red Shoe Cap, kr 279, Ikea. Cardboard boxes with writing plate, NOK 129/2 pcs. , Granite. Trefiguren Hoptimisten, kr 999, and coin servant, kr 1795, both from Room. Wrenches on the wall, NOK 59 / pc. , Twig. Mirror with wooden frame, NOK 1050, Room. White lamp, kr 4750, Kvist. Sinkhus, kr 698, Country Chic. Metalltralle, NOK 1998, The Works Interior. Stackable metal collars, NOK 598, The work Interior. Photo: Margaret M. the long

10 tips for the entrance hall

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Tips for the entrance hall

FOR CLOTHING AND SHOES: Hat and shoe rack in oak, kr 475 pr. stk. , Åhléns. Hanger with six knagger, NOK 59, Ikea. Welded cabbage of seaweed that can also be used for mitts and hats, kr 249, Åhléns. Photo: Manufacturers

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Tips for the entrance hall

THE SMALL EXTRAS: Wall lamp, kr 998, House Doctor. Multi-storey basket for storage of keys, coins and stews, kr 135, Ikea. Practical black and white plastic rug, NOK 125, House Doctor. White stand-alone clothes rack, kr 1299, The work Interior. Photo: Manufacturers


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