Living room

Thus they transformed the living room

The owners got the help of the interior designer for a full renovation of the living room.

Thus they transformed the living room

Thus they transformed the living room

PLASS TO MANY. The lamp above the dining area is from Bolia, it has been specially screened at Ruth’s Design. The chairs are Cantono from Skeidar. Dining table Bjurstad from Ikea. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Thus they transformed the living room

NEW MEETING: “It was okay to drop the meeting with the little wall every day,” says Ernst Ivar Kvæle. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

This cost refurbishment:

Craftsmen, materials, kr 39,000

Parquet in oak, kr 12 368

Tv-furniture, kr 4 150

Dining table, kr 1650

Radiator, kr 8300

Wood burning stove, NOK 13 500

Coffee table, kr 2995

Lamps, kr 3027

Sofa, £ 17,288

Dining chairs, NOK 10 590

Carpet, £ 3900

Lampshade, kr 1250

Total: $ 118,018

Ernst Ivar Kvæle and Sigbjørn Schumann participated in NRK’s ​​television program “Change delight” ten years ago, and the result became a small living room with various solutions for decoration and housekeeping.

– We thought it was terrific at the time, when it changed from yellow to small living room. But it was okay to change the style again. The need for refurbishment of walls, ceilings and floors was great. The wooden floor was so worn that we could not brush it again, and we would switch the big fireplace in the corner, they say to Bonytt. no.

Verthusstil, adjø

The living room is approximately 22 square meters and square, and the corner apartment gets a lot of light. Interior architect MNILTrond Ramsøskar saw the potential of the living room, the first command was that the style of the inn would be removed.

– The fireplace was too dominant, it was not adapted to the size of the room at all. I also saw the residents’ need to do something about the color use, the violent walls were not timely.

Carpet Test Specified

At the start of the transformation process, the interior designer took a light blue blanket test. Ernst says that the carpet fell in taste and thus became blue and white bypass.

– The walls were white with a slight blue. We chose beige brown tones on the furniture. Blue is a nice color for brown tones. Do you have fabric on rough furniture so use dice colors, it’s better to spice up with colored fabrics, “says Trond Ramsøskar..

The blue, round carpet breaks the square room. Previously, the residents went straight into the lounge which was located inside the doorway.

New dining area

Interior architect Ramsøskar suggested moving the lounge group and replacing the cookie with a smaller one that gives more heat.

– The heat will not disappear in the piper. The old and painted radiator was replaced with a new one that is easier to keep clean, and all the furniture was switched to a more modern and comprehensive style.

Among other things, the dining area became a distinctive feature of being a dining room and not just a single dining table, says the interior designer.

Out with the pine floor

Ernst Ivar Kvæle says that the old pine floor was so worn that they had to give up the plan for grinding.

Light oak parquet was placed above the former pine floor. The steel lamp can be swung over both the lounge and dining table.

– The lamp looked very dominant as soon as it entered the room. But now we see it working well, especially because it can swing from dining room to lounge.

Another surprise was the replacement of the radiator, I did not think it was possible to buy new ones. We are pleased with everything from the slim fireplace, the functional sofa to the very special lampshade. Besides, it’s okay to drop the meeting with the little wall every day, says the couple.

Thus they transformed the living room

NEW Opportunities. The living room of 22 sqm seems larger with bright colors and custom furniture. Sofa Milano Nantes from Bolia. The lithographs on the wall are signed Gunn Vottestad. Carpet from Ruth’s Design. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Interior Architects Tips

* Watch the height when the sofa and dining room stand next to eachother, ie. that the backs of the chair around the dining table do not protrude high above the sofa. 80 cm high chairs can be the solution.

* Choose the same material on the lounge and dining table if they are close to each other.

* Select bright colors for bright rooms with a lot of daylight inlays. This will help to enhance the openness of the room. Here, beige / blue and white / black are selected. A main grip for the living room is to bring the colors away from the walls and down to the details.

* Play the team with the light not against it. Rooms that get in a lot of light should have bright walls.

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