Thus they built about the entrance hall

Residents trusted the architect when they built a new entrance hall.

Thus they built about the entrance hall

Thus they built about the entrance hall

The walk was three times as big

There was a brown 60’s house in Oslo. A crooked exterior staircase led to a narrow wind farm. The children’s family lacked armor and missed much more storage and wardrobe space.

– With the hall of 1.5 square meters we were not very well used; The hallway was challenging for a social and active family, “says Anne-Sophie Kvikstad.

Wavy Cohesion

This was how civil architect MNAL Kristian Vårvik came to work. He recorded the family’s need for more space and their desire for an airy entrance party that seems in the terrain. It should be painted in a contrasting color, but not too red. The result may be well visible in relation to the plans. Because when the residents were to buy the beech, the original color did not buy. Plan B was implemented.

The architect bought some color samples of a fresher variant. After some testimonials, he received clear feedback from the residents that this was dull compared to the original colors, but they trusted the architect and went for a glowing entrance.

– Although strong, it’s organic, and it creates a more exciting expression than if we had chosen a more muted tree, says Anne-Sophie.

Thus they built about the entrance hall

HIGH INPUT. The terrazzo floors on the floor are practical and maintenance free. They are used both outside and inside to eliminate the transition between the outside and inside. The window with a groove is entering the bathroom and prevents access. Photo: Espen Grønli

Thus they built about the entrance hall

GLOSS PARTY. It took a few laps before the color was in place. This is specially mixed, but the NCS 1080-Y70R is a similar pitch if you want to try. Photo: Espen Grønli

Thus they built about the entrance hall

headroom. From the gallery on the second floor is a view down to the new hall. Concrete bench and pottery from Fine Design harmonize with the terrazzo floor. Photo: Espen grønli

Nature in

Thus they built about the entrance hall

The Worst Refurbishment Labs

The new Entrance Party gained ground access. Here a spacious hall was established, covering two floors of solid glass surfaces against the entrance.

– The best thing about the extras is the space experience, the light and the contact with the outdoor environment. Now we feel that nature enters the hall. We have deliberately used natural materials like terrazzolives and details in oak. The tiles are laid in one large area to emphasize the connection between the outdoor and indoor areas.

The windows in the room cover both the first and second floors. The bathroom on one side and the home office on the other has windows facing the hall and also benefits from the light.

– From the gallery on the second floor we can look out at the courtyard and watch the children’s activities, or watch visitors who call and wrap them in.. Previously, I looked straight into a dark wall when I got out of my bedroom in the morning – now I’m right in the gallery and enjoying the panoramic view.

Open wardrobe

Thus they built about the entrance hall

LONG DOWN. The residents have full overview from the gallery. From here you can see the elegant transition inside / out. The window with window blinds (to the left) is the home’s home office. Photo: Espen Grønli

In the hall, a concrete bench combines with the floor. A long, open wardrobe with shelf space is adapted to family needs.

Thus they built about the entrance hall

Built house in the cabin

– I think it’s amazingly delicious with a proper wardrobe. It accommodates our needs with jacket hanger, shelf shelves and shelves. We have chosen to drop doors, something I think makes the entrance party more personal. In addition, we moved the laundry room down to just inside the front door, which is extremely convenient, says Anne-Sophie Kvikstad.

This was built to

  • The traditional carpentry panel that the house was originally dressed was replaced.
  • Wall, ceiling and window area in the entrance hall were stained and marked with a warm orange red tone.
  • The roof over the entrance is dressed with soaps of zinc.
  • The entrance party got glass facade over two floors to pick up nature.
  • Velice-free terraces are used on the floor in the hall and outside the front door to emphasize the relationship between the outside and inside.

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Thus they built about the entrance hall

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Thus they built about the entrance hall

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Thus they built about the entrance hall

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