Thus became one bedroom for two

In a 50 square-foot apartment, mother and daughter had space for each room.

Thus became one bedroom for two

Thus became one bedroom for two

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Thus became one bedroom for two

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Thus became one bedroom for two

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Good use of space is always a challenge in smaller apartments, including when the adult and children are going to share one bedroom.

Boligmagasinet Rom 123s permanent writer, visual artist and interior designer Mette Helena Rasmussen, living in a 50 square meter torrent together with her three year old daughter. In order for the two to get each their bedroom, they shared the one they had using two bookshelves.

– I wanted a proper bedroom. I’m not the type to have a sofa bed in the living room and something to be beat up and down and organized every day. At the same time, I would like to give my daughter the feeling of having her own room.

Billy shared the room

The challenge and the solution


One bedroom to be shared in two.

There was too little storage space in the apartment.

Better room to let the art come forward.


The bedroom was divided using two bookshelves.

The bed was placed on top of three dressers and a closet.

A separate shelf for changing “art exhibits” was mounted.

The solution was to divide that space into two. Using two billy bookshelves from Ikea, there was a bedroom on one side and a children’s room on the other side. The back of the shelves was dressed with a thin MDF plate, which was then taped. The bed is a frame mattress placed on top of three dressers and a kitchen sink. For safety, the mattress is also mounted on barges in the wall.

– I’m sleeping on my closet. A feng shui expert would probably dislike it, but I’m actually sleeping impeccably, says Rasmussen.


Thus became one bedroom for two

PARTY WITH IKEA-HYLLE: Two billy bookshelves became room parts. The stool is painted in Interior gloss 70, color code 1448 from Flügger. The bed is mounted on three Bestå commodes and one fact kitchen kitchen. All the furniture is from Ikea. Photo: Tia Borgsmidt

As an additional detail, wheels are placed on the kitchen cabinet so that it can be rolled out. The space behind the drawers, which emerges when the kitchen cabinet is pulled out, is furnished with shelves for bed linen, towels and other things like the sewing machine and toolbox.

Exhibition on the nightstand

As an alternative to bedside tables, white painted bookcases are used, which are sprinkled with pastel-colored ceramic handles. A shelf over the bed uses Rasmussen to exhibit both her own works of art and pottery she has received from friends and colleagues.

Thus became one bedroom for two

SHOP ON WHEEL: The kitchen kitchen was placed under the bed and fitted with wheels. Photo: Tia Borgsmidt

Over the bed there are also hung up kitchy, little porcelain birds found on flea market.

The bedspread is self-made. It consists of a mdf plate that is drilled holes and is covered with water and a vintage curtain. The curtain fastened her with pins, and finally she decorated it with buttons attached to the back through the holes in the plate.

At the back of the door, the square is utilized for a large mirror decorated with stickers.

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Thus became one bedroom for two

HANGING NOMENCY: So-called bookcases from the woodworking outlets are hung on the wall and make the use of bedside tables. They are painted with interior gloss 70 from Flügger and fitted with new handle Anne Black. Photo: Tia Borgsmidt

Thus became one bedroom for two

SPEAKED TAPE: The back of the two Billy shelves is equipped with a mdf plate and wallpaper. The oblong pad is sewn with fabric residue. On the other side of the bookshelf, the crib is located. Photo: Tia Borgsmidt

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