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Three cool hailstyles

Want to enjoy the garden life like a bohemian, nostalgic or minimalist?

Three cool hailstyles

No matter how many summer days we get or what style you like best, it’s best to have the outdoor furniture ready when the sun is looking forward. Here is the season’s news in Scandinavian, nostalgic and Bohemian style.

Nostalgic Garden

A terrestrial style with a romantic expression. The furniture is traditional and the accessories have a feminine touch with warm beige tone and small flowered patterns. Together with materials like antique painted iron and white painted rattan, it creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Three cool hailstyles

NOSTALGIAN STYLE: Rocking chair in white painted rattan, 74 x 88 x 102 cm, kr 1999, Skeidar. Flycatcher, 50 cm long, kr 119, Hay. Dining table in iron, 105 cm, 75 cm high, kr 1664, Nordal. Soft hammock, 120 x 200 cm, kr 911, Broste Copenhagen. Photo: Producer

Bohemian Country Life

Three cool hailstyles

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A relaxed and feminine style, with materials like bamboo, bast, linen and silk. The expression may be exotic or Nordic, it is up to you. The style covers summer’s IT colors like coral, yellow, sea green and mint, and textiles with decorative elements like sequins and glitter give a bohemian section.

Scandinavian Summer

Three cool hailstyles

BOHEMSK STIL: Moroccan board, 66 x 48 cm, kr 1299, Tine K Home, Wooden chair and jute, 45 x 81, x 52 cm, kr 2900, Madam Stoltz, Ceramic vases, ø 20 cm, 21,5 cm high, NOK 227, Broste Copenhagen, Hengekøye, 80 x 340 cm, kr 1799, sofiesvilla.no. Photo: Producer

A tight style with a light and airy expression. The colors are inspired by the nature surrounding us – perhaps especially the beach and archipelago, with gray, brown and blue as the main pallet. The furniture is practical with simple clean lines, and the style masculine, but easy and playful.

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