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This year’s news from Ikea

Ikea shelves everyday in the next year’s catalog.

This year's news from Ikea

This year's news from Ikea

One is 17. 000 kroner more expensive

This year's news from Ikea

Ikea opens a new store

This year's news from Ikea

Learn to “pimpe” the Ikea furniture

This year's news from Ikea

Upgrade the ikeblocks

This year's news from Ikea

STUVA: Deep wide storage drawers for the children’s room that can also be used to sit on. Photo: Ikea

Today, the Ikea catalog was launched in Sogn Hagekoloni in Oslo.

Now it’s everyday life the furniture giant is lifting up.

Storage Solutions

“How do you make the most of your everyday life,” asks Ikea. And think the answer is unimaginably in their new storage solutions.

The furniture giant will clean up in every crink and hook – after filling our homes for a number of years.

“We go to root to organize people’s everyday lives,” says Trude Pleym, responsible interior designer in Ikea Norway.

Emphasis is placed on lightweight practical things that can be stacked, folded and moved. How we know them.

Style Expression

This year's news from Ikea

PLUGGIS: New lightweight practical trash buckles that can be stacked. Photo: IKEA

Pleym says there is not one direction but a wide diversity.

This year's news from Ikea

HEMNES: Is now available as a separate series. Here’s like a wall / transition shelf. Photo: IKEA

A style expression she points to is rustic in dark colors and in rugged materials.

Urban life is combined with traditional values.

And for those who would fool: Yellow is the new color.

Sofa from Ikea

News that are worth highlighting include Kivik’s sofa . The same is Stuva, a flexible and spacious storage system for the children’s room.

– The theme of the year “more of what matters,” explains communications worker Frode Ullebust that the home should not stand in the way of what matters, such as friends and family.

Best of Solutions

– I think Ikea is better on solutions than single products. The furniture models, especially when it comes to sofas, is only on a regular basis. Okay, simple and a bit boring, maybe even a little shabby expression, says Knut Skoe in the furniture council.

No Lifestyle Bible

Shoes seem to have often given the Ikea catalog a meaning that far exceeds what it’s meant or what it actually is; a catalog from a warehouse.

– Frequently, reviews of the Ikea catalog can give the impression that it is the lifestyle Bible or that it says something about our age. It’s crazy in my opinion.

He believes that the directory is excessively stuffy, and if it tells something about the spirit of time, it must be that every kind of minimalism is dead and buried, he concludes.

This year's news from Ikea

KIVIK: Is a new sofa from Ikea. Here it is advertised that the couch should adapt to you and remember its own shape as you travel. Photo: IKEA

Want to be environmentally conscious

This year, IKEA will show that they are environmentally conscious:

“If every Ikea customer exchanges a standard 60 watt bulb with a light bulb, the energy in CO2 emissions will be identical to removing 750. 000 cars from the road, “writes Ikea.

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