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This will make the Finnmarks go more to church

Here is Altas new cathedral.

This will make the Finnmarks go more to church

There is no doubt that there is a lot of exciting on the architecture front in Oslo today. From the Opera House to the exciting and unique office and apartment buildings Barcode; Norway is really looking at the map what unique and innovative architecture applies.

And it’s not just the capital that sees exciting new buildings coming to. In the north of Alta, the brand new Nordlys cathedral was built this week. It is a building that undoubtedly comes to the earliest attention and attention at home and abroad.

Spectacular Landmark

A competition was announced by the city council in Alta in 2001, which made Signatur Arkitekter AS in cooperation with the architects of Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, resigned and was allowed to design the new church building in Finnmark’s largest city. The builder, Alta Church Joint Council, signed a contract for planning with Link Signatur AS, and has collaborated on the project until today is finished..

And on Sundays, both geist and royal were present in Alta when the Northern Lights Cathedral was wedged and consecrated, an event the inhabitants of the city have been waiting for.

– It’s 50 years since the work of building a new church building in Alta started, Church warden Gunnar Tangvik explained in Alta’s church council to NTB a few days before opening.

– The wish has not been given, and is finally crowned with a new building that not only becomes functional for the church, but also plans to become a landmark in Alta.

This will make the Finnmarks go more to church

LANDEMERKE: The new Nordlys Cathedral in Alta does not remind much of a traditional church. Photo: Adam Mørk

This will make the Finnmarks go more to church

HALLELUJA: The residents of Alta can finally enjoy their new church building. Photo: Adam Mørk

Nature and Architecture

At first glance, it is not possible to know that you look at a church when you take in the view of the spiral signal building that has cost 120 million kroner to build.

When the architectural competition was announced 12 years ago, the city council in Alta realized that it was not just a new church they wanted, explained in a press release from Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects.

They also wanted a building that would both become an architectural brand for the city, but also help lift and highlight Altas role as a place to observe and admire the wonderful Northern Lights the region is known for.

And the unique natural phenomenon is the pride of the region and the city, reflected in many details by the spectacular building.

The spiral shape that stretches 47 meters above the ground, according to architect John F. Lassen symbolizes the Northern Lights form.

This will make the Finnmarks go more to church

DRAMATIC: The outside of the church has a very unique look. Photo: Adam Mørk

This will make the Finnmarks go more to church

LIGHTED COMPETITION: Alta announced an architectural contest in 2001 and the winners were allowed to create the city’s new cathedral. Photo: Adam Mørk

The facade, titanium-plated, will reflect the northern lights in the long periods of arctic winter darkening, and enhance the phenomenon’s experience.

This will make the Finnmarks go more to church

Could you sleep here?

Further, the architect explains:

– The Nordlys Cathedral is at the heart of its design a product of both nature and culture in the immediate area. The building is a trademark, which through its architecture symbolizes the spectacular natural phenomenon of the northern lights, which characterizes the place and the region. The cathedral reflects both the actual and the transposed significance of the northern light as it is, ethereal, volatile, poetic and beautiful, and marks itself as a lonely sculpture in interaction with magnificent nature.

Important Large Room

Churchwoman Gunnar Tangvik agrees that the city’s new grandmother is beautiful to look at, but it also believes that it will affect both Alta and the people there more than just as a grand tourist attraction:

This will make the Finnmarks go more to church

CREATIVE: The architects of Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects Str behind the Nordlys Cathedral. Photo: Adam Mørk

– Firstly, it was the wish for many years to have a church that would be like a big room for both the city’s inhabitants and visitors to the region, explains Tangvik.

This will make the Finnmarks go more to church

The shed has the same status as the Opera

The road to the cathedral with multipurpose facilities has been long, but now we have finally got a building that can not only accommodate 350 people in the church room, but also features functions such as administration, classrooms, exhibition rooms and church rooms.

Peaceful and dynamic

Although the architecture and the exterior of the unique cathedral, located 500 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, are both spectacular and dramatic, the inside of the North Cathedral becomes more ethereal and peaceful.

– The church room is in many ways a contrast to the outside of the building, explains Lassen.

This will make the Finnmarks go more to church

LARGE: Will the new church building bring more people to church? Photo: Adam Mørk

– Here the delicate daylight penetrates through tall narrow windows, and the skylight allows the light to flow in and illuminate the entire wall behind the altar, creating a very special atmosphere in the room.

Here it was not really possible to build houses

It is the artist Peter Brandes who stands behind the decoration of the building, and here too, it is easy to see that the natural phenomenon that has given the cathedral’s name has also inspired the interior.

– Contrasts are many, something one also looks so good in nature up here, explains Lassen.

– Raw concrete and wood are both emphasizing Nordic affiliation.

Architecture and People

There is little doubt that the architecture and buildings we surround are important to both humans and the environment. We are influenced by the environment in many ways, but not everyone agrees that modern architecture necessarily makes man more happy.

In the book “A black book about architecture – why modern architecture has become so ugly” argues the authors Christopher Rådlund and Alexander Z. Ibsen that modern architecture in many ways can actually help make us less happy.

According to the authors, since it is largely forced on people living in society as a result of being a political instrument, it should be made as positive and comfortable as possible.

This will make the Finnmarks go more to church

UNIK: Peter Brandes stands for the ornament in the brand new cathedral. Photo: Adam Mørk

“Houses and buildings should be built solid and be beautiful, also because they often stand there for a long time. Architecture affects civilization and should therefore be rooted in human nature, community life and history. “

This will make the Finnmarks go more to church

Built a tower for each child

Rådlund and Ibsen warn against letting architecture create breaches with surroundings and traditions.

Here you will find nice interior inspiration

Is this the world’s coolest church?

Declined church became designer house

This will make the Finnmarks go more to church

NATURAL FACTS: The embellishment of the church is largely inspired by the beautiful northern lights that characterize the region. Photo: Adam Mørk


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