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Here are the courses where you learn to snuggle your own furniture, fix broken things, and do simple repairs in the home itself.

This will be useful

This will be useful

SMART: On a sling course, you learn to create your own furniture by goal. Photo: Illustration photo: Frode Larsen

Have you experienced that exactly the furniture you need, or dream of, does not exist? Or that something breaks – and it was easiest to fix it yourself instead of finding craftsmen?

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Targeted Furniture

There are a wealth of opportunities for those who are interested in learning how to do things themselves.

For example, if you take a snooker course in the evening, you can learn how to build your own furniture to suit your needs exactly where they are going.

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Learn Repairs

Whether it’s a sloping wall you’ve got to fix, or you’re going to have tiles, or you’re going to wall or pull a piece of furniture, there’s a course, video or book that tells you how to do it.

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Below, we’ve collected a number of links for those who are interested in fixing things themselves.

Just remember that there are also things you do not want to do yourself, like laying a membrane on the wet room.

Doing it yourself is recommended to be approved by an expert so that you do not get any trouble when you may sell or get water damage.


Snekkerkurs in Oslo

Furniture deployment in Oslo

Snake course in Lillestrøm

Snekkerkurs in Kristiansand

Furniture Tapping on Tveit

Snowmobile skiing


Do it yourself with online education

Clearly, your course (here’s new listings)

Step by step

Click Property


Do it yourself book

Clearly You Can!


Do it yourself magazine

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