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This will annoy you for the rest of the day

Most of us always start with the same foot when we are going up a stairway. Here you will find out why.

This will annoy you for the rest of the day

Right or left foot? There is probably something that many people do not have the habit of thinking about, but for most people it’s not by chance what foot you first put up the stairs. Why is that really?

Pål Johan Karlsen is editor of the Journal of Norwegian Psychology Association and author and researcher at the Department of Psychology, University of Tromsø. He explains to Click. No, this is an example that far beyond what we think is unconscious and automated behavior.

– It is common to distinguish between consciously controlled behavior that captures attention and the unconscious and automated behavior that we can do on autopilot.

Moves your feet unconsciously

Karlsen emphasizes that we have a number of behavioral habits and inclinations that we never really register.

– We behave systematically in certain ways, but are not entirely “Lord in our own house”. And we really should be happy about it. That some of the behavior is automated and unconsciously releases mental resources that we can use for other things. Like thinking about what to do when we get up the stairs.

– That we can basically get things done without knowing completely how. Like walking up the stairs. How do we really manage to lift a foot? We know that it’s about nerve signals, but do not have to think about how it works.

Automated behavior controls

This will annoy you for the rest of the day

Hide the kitchen under the stairs

The automated behavioral sequences are, in some ways, fully programmed in the brain. According to the researcher, both genetics, high dominance and many years of habits play. It feels right when we start with the “right” foot, and wrong when we begin with the “wrong” foot up stairs.

– Or try to fold your hands. What thumb comes up? Try changing grip so the second thumb is at the top. How does it feel? And finally you can cross the legs. Which foot was at the top? Change foot. How does it feel?

– Automated behavior is fascinating stuff, Karlsen concludes.

Starting with the dominant foot?

Ketil Berg Olsen is a neurophysiologist and webmaster at the Norwegian Society for Clinical Neurophysiology. He emphasizes that he does not know if it is documented that one foot is set first in the stairs at any time, but that may seem like this for some people.

Olsen explains on to Click. No, for medical reasons, he has not seen studies or documentation as to whether this is correct.

– But pure popular science, perhaps we can put this in the context of our ability to have a dominant bodyweight for motoring tasks, as well as the overweight of right-handed people.

– Maybe it’s the same with which bone you use as dominant bone in the first step?

According to the neurophysiologist, if you exclude disease and other physical side differences between your feet / legs, you may think of other factors that may occur, such as:

– Has a stair swing, and in what direction?

– How is staircase aligned with other interior doors?

– On which page is the linkage?

Which brain do you use the most?

This will annoy you for the rest of the day

Same Foot: We make it unconscious, but most of us actually use the same foot every time we get up or down a staircase. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: thinkstockphotos

If you use only the same foot to move up or down a staircase, this may say something about which brain, which “determines”. Merete Sparre has a background in psychomotor physiotherapy and explains on his website that the left brain controls the right part of the body and the right brain controls the left.

This will annoy you for the rest of the day

Majonstrikset removes marks on the wooden beads

In addition to the fact that these hemispheres control each side of the body, according to Sparre, each has their specialized tasks. The left brain is analytical and rational and works sequentially, that is, it is good to hold on one thing at a time.

The right brain, often called the creative, thinks in the form of images, sounds and feelings. This is our metaphor. It’s intuitive and good to put together, see the whole and operate with more tasks at the same time, it is emphasized by Sparre.

Comprehensive Compulsive Disorder

Leader Sidsel Myhr Nilsen in the Norwegian OCD Association, Ananke, explains to Click. No, that using the same foot first up the stairs is a small amount of compulsive disorder.

– But only one such as most of us have. As long as it does not go beyond your everyday life, there’s nothing to care about, she points out.

Which foot are you first? Please share the comments below!

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