This way you secure your home from damage while on holiday

A closed stop crane and disconnected electronics can save you many thousands of flaps.

This way you secure your home from damage while on holiday

Water damage tips

You can find a lot of tips on how to prevent water damage on the website of FNO and the Water Damage Office at SINTEF Building Research..

This way you secure your home from damage while on holiday

Here you are mistaken for lightning and thunder

This way you secure your home from damage while on holiday

Insurance covers lightning strike

This way you secure your home from damage while on holiday

How to survive the garden holiday

Many people are good at securing their holiday homes against burglary, but what about inside the house.

Lightning blows damage to millions of millions. The same does water leaks. Both types of damage can be easily prevented.

Water damage

Water pipes running leak are not just something that belongs to the winter. Also in the summer such damage occurs. Then it’s stupid if you’re on vacation and do not get rid of the water.

According to the Water Damage Office at SINTEF Building Research, the risk is greater for returning to a water-damaged housing than for a burglary, and in 2010 102.590 water damage was incurred at a cost of 4.3 billion.

Many of these water damage occurred in July.

Water damage that occurs during the holiday is often much more extensive than necessary, since the water gets flooded beyond days before the damage is detected, research director Lars Fiskum says. no.

Overall, according to the Norwegian Federation of Trade Unions (FNO), there has been a clear increase in payments to water damage in recent years.

– Every 10 minutes a water damage is detected, says Stine Neverdal, Commision Commissioner at FNO.

Head stopcock

The best and easiest way to deal with water damage in a holiday home is to shut the head restraint.

– Doing so will no longer be part of water damage statistics, Fiskum expands.

Leakage Stopper

Another action against water damage is to install so-called leak stoppers. These are mounted to or around water-conducting installations to alert and stop unwanted water flow.

– Advanced leakage stoppers monitor all pipes and installations in the building, giving discounts at insurance companies, Fiskum says.

Remember the sleep

It’s also a good investment to clean your sleep before you leave the home for yourself for a long period of time.

When the drain is not cleaned regularly, it gradually fills up with hair, dirt and grease. In periods without water supply, chances are that this material will stiffen and seal the outlet of the outlet.

– The first shower after the holiday may result in reduced drainage from the drain and water beyond the bath floor. This can increase the risk of moisture penetration in the floor structure, which can be expensive soon, describes Fiskum.


According to FNO, the majority of lightning strikes in homes cause less damage, usually on electrical items such as TV, radio, PC, modem, fax, telephone, freezer, refrigerator, etc.. Often the damage occurs only on the oldest and worst electrical item in the home.

Out with all the plugins

“It’s not much more advisable to give than pulling out all the plug-ins,” says Nor El Tromsø, Agnar Johansen, General Manager at Clicks.. no.

He also emphasizes that antenna cables and telephone connectors must be out because the lightning strain can also get it the way.

Overvoltage protection

Johansen is also advised to install a surge protector.

There are two types: a coarse protection device that is installed in the fuse cabinet and the fixture that is placed between the power outlet and the electrical equipment.

The rough protection will provide the best protection, but this must be installed by an authorized installer.

Can not turn off the switches

In many homes there are extension cables with switches on. According to Agnar Johansen, it’s not possible to turn off the switches while on vacation.

– It will not have any effect in a lightning strike because the lightning voltage is switching over such a connector and proceeds straight into the electrical appliance.

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