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This way the grill is cleaned

Cleaning the griddle is not exactly the task you throw over after grilling is complete.

This way the grill is cleaned

This way the grill is cleaned

POSE: If you do not have a ball you can fill the mixture in a bag. Photo: Øivind Lie

This way the grill is cleaned

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This way the grill is cleaned

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This way the grill is cleaned

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Meat, fish, and vegetables are spreading over thousands of dull grills these days. We have tested the method that makes the shake is spotlessly clean until the next barbecue dinner.

Different Types

Petter Lein is director of futur as, which imports gas grills and equipment. He tells us that there are basically three types of grill grids: the nickel-plated wire grids, the enamelled wire or cast iron grids and the clean cast iron grids.

Enamelled shakes

– On those enamelled and, to some extent, they are nicked, be careful about brass brushes and other rough methods. Here, the surface becomes scratched, and then they become even harder to clean the next time. Here it is a good idea to put the rack for a while in soapy water and then wash with a dishwasher. A round in the dishwasher can also do the job, explains Lein.

Cast Grids

– When it comes to cast iron, you should think a bit like a cast iron, not soapy water. Add a good basis before using it. Heat up the rack and insert it with oil.

– When cleaned, close the lid on the grill, put on full heat and burn for five minutes. As a rule, fat and leftovers have been charred so you can brush it off. On a cast iron iron you may want to use brass brush or other more rough methods, “concludes Lein.

Super method

We have tested the method that works on the properly inclined grids. We started with a nickel-plated wire mesh. It had overwintered with the burned remains from last year’s last barbecue dinner. We put it in soak in hot water with a good dose of crystalline soda or powdered soda as it is also called.

Eat for a couple of hours in a creamy bowl, and grind clean, then clean.

If you do not have a big enough ball, you can use a plastic bag or bag of bags, and the longer the soaking, the easier the rest of.

This is not the method of cast iron grinders since this is a very fat-soluble substance.

An important tip in the end: Crystal soda is corrosive. Wear goggles.

Do not you want to wash the barbecue grill today? Do not worry. You can still use the grill for the legendary beer-chicken or use foil to make super-good fish. If the grill is clean this is how you beat the taste in the chicken.


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This way the grill is cleaned

BEFORE AND AFTER: Same grid before and after soaking. Photo: Øivind Lie

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