This top floor is out of the ordinary

No, the three pale blue houses on the roof of an old brick house are not a sight amount. So playful can it only be built in Europe’s architectural capital Rotterdam?

This top floor is out of the ordinary

This remarkable design project in the middle of one of Rotterdam’s homely residential neighborhoods is both a visual exclamation point in one of Europe’s most multicultural cities and part of an exciting development that takes place in many vibrant locations; to give older cities new identity and sustainability by living literally on the city’s roofs.

Creative, both in Rotterdam and Oslo

The family Didden, who runs a wig shop in the house, contacted us to get a new residence as the two boys in the family needed more space and their own bedrooms, “says Jan Knikker in the architectural office MVRDV in Rotterdam in an email to bonytt. no.

This company is by far the best known in Norway for one of the most spectacular high-rise buildings in the widely discussed Barcode range in Bjørvika.

This top floor is out of the ordinary

PRIVATE ZONE: Sky blue, everywhere. Top floor is shielded by half-side walls. Photo: Rob`t Hart

Sky blue on top

– Instead of building a new house for the family all the way out of the city, we proposed to expand the house they already had on the top, elaborate Knives.

Three cool sleeping rooms shaped like small houses

– We built three cottages with bedrooms, one for the adults and one for each of the two boys. The sky blue color of the three houses and the terrace around is at the same time in contrast and in shape in interaction with the historic neighborhood, the expert explains to bonytt. no

A blue crown on top

This top floor is out of the ordinary

ARTICLE: The light blue roof shapes become like modern art against all the green backs. Photo: Rob`t Hart

This top floor is out of the ordinary

CONTACT WINDOWS: There is good contact between the boys’ homes in Didden Village. Photo: Rob`t Hart

The three small sleeping houses form a group, almost like a crown on the top of the old brick house. A spiral staircase leads up to the parents ‘house, and another to the boys’ bedrooms. In addition to being a family home, this old, monumental brick house also contains workshops for the wig activities of the family Didden.

This top floor is out of the ordinary

– The division of the roof area creates exciting zones and variations for the family, and significantly increases the facilities of use, says architect Tord Kvien. One might also think that more housing units shared such a landlocked landscape. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Streets & Streets

With plenty of terrace space, shelter hooks and alleys between the houses this is becoming this event as a private village.

Outdoor shower on the roof

The small houses also have skylight windows that provide residents with excellent ventilation, contact between all accommodation units – and views of the street races in the neighborhood as well as throughout the city.

A shower in the open sky and ditto pool puts the dot on the i-one on the nightlife on Rotterdam’s roof.

Heavenly atmosphere

By painting both the outer coat of the houses and the terrace floor with a sky blue polyurethane paint, the atomic sphere on the ceiling is completely heavenly.

Connection to the High

The light blue exterior was, by the way, the idea of ​​architect and partner in MVRDV, Winy Maas.

This top floor is out of the ordinary

A PLACE IN THE SUN: Between the three bedroom houses there is a large open room. The large parent room on the left, the two boys on the right. Photo: Rob`t Hart

This top floor is out of the ordinary

TRIVSEL ON TOP: Rooms like this inspire creative play. Photo: Rob`t Hart

– This light color connects the top of the house, the crown with the sky, he told the New York Times three years ago.

Toothpick in the blue

Homeowner Sjoerd Didden tells the same publication that he has a toothbrush ritual in the midst of this hot-air environment every morning. It’s a great start to the day.

The way in which this extension is built is typically typical of Ma’s way of thinking. It’s about building close in cities. If urban areas are used intensively, this will also make it easier to build sustainable environments – again according to NYT.

Media loves the Didden Village project

– It is quite interesting that this little project in Rotterdam has attracted much more media interest than our multi-million projects elsewhere on the globe, another quote is signed top architect Winy Maas.


This top floor is out of the ordinary

HIGH HOUSE: The bedrooms are dressed with bright veneer plates, to the top. Photo: Rob`t Hart

This top floor is out of the ordinary

DOUBLE STEPS: Here’s how the two spiral stairs winds up against against each his bedroom in the roof area. Photo: RFOTO: Rob`t Hart

This top floor is out of the ordinary

COLORED FORMS: The interior architecture is like the exterior, very creative and unprecedented. Photo: Rob`t Hart

Recently, Maas received the French Honorary Legion Order for its work on urbanism and architecture in cities such as Paris, Dijon and Bordeaux.

This top floor is out of the ordinary

Kim Heinen Photo: RM

Rotterdam is Dutch Manhattan

– Rotterdam is famous for its daring, experimental architecture, and the city is often called Holland’s Manhattan, partly due to projects such as this Didden Village House of MVRDV. We are not afraid of courageous architecture, and this impresses many tourists, says historian historian Kim Heinen in Rotterdam Marketing.

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This top floor is out of the ordinary

SAMSPILL: The rusty back wall is excellent for all the bright materials – and the magic spiral staircase. Photo: Rob`t Hart

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