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This shower is spinning

With the Rotator, the shower becomes a new experience.

This shower is spinning

The popular variant of shower combined with bathtub is to put one together with the other without special features, possibly with a shower curtain that cling to the bathing edge.

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The sensational shower pot Rotator, which has been presented in the Wallpaper design magazine, takes the combination to other dimensions.

It is London-based Ron Arad who designed the rotating shower, which also becomes a bathtub. The producer Teuco has made the prototype, which will be displayed at the MAK art museum in Vienna from February 4 to April 5.

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How do you bathe with Rotator? When you shower is the protruding on the circle over your head. If you want to take a bath, you spin the entire installation to the outlet / lip, is down. The shower has then become a bathtub. The bathtub has no stopper but is emptied by spinning.

Watch video where Ron Arad himself presents his shower:

Niklas Hart, journalist in the interior magazine Bonytt, has shared opinions about the product:

– Occasionally, user items are so beautiful that they are declared as art objects. The rotator is steady, seductive and different. But this sparkling medal also has its backside. Used as a bathtub is Rotator a claustrophobic affair. And the fun of watching the bald rotate goes on time. Therefore, I think that in the future there will be a greater chance of seeing Rotator at art museums than in bathroom stores.

Teuco has produced Rotator in its own material duralight, a composite material that can withstand high temperature changes and wear.

This shower is spinning

TO SIT: Here the shower has become a bathtub by rotating on the device. Photo: Anoush Abrar and Aimée Hoving / Wallpaper *

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