This saga can all be used

You should rub a lot to hurt you on this matter.

This saga can all be used

This saga can all be used

JACK: You pull the jaw around the stick and push the handle to cut. Photo: Tools in action

This saga can all be used

Single trick makes the shaft of the ax to sit

This saga can all be used

Here’s the perfect ax

This saga can all be used

Now the roses are cropped

In the United States, more than 39,000 people are injured by chainsaws every year, according to Now Worx claims that they have re-invented the chainsaw in a far safer variant.

It sounds smart in a country with many lawyers.


This is not a replacement for the chainsaw, although there are quite safe variants there too, as you can read about in this test.

This is also a tool that you will draw if you are going to crop trees and big bushes or cut off smaller strains.


Simple explained, the saga consists of a shaft and an open jaw. On the side of the jaw is an electric motor and inside the jaw, a small suit goes up and down.

You step the stem into the jaw and sharpen by pushing the handle at the end of the shaft.

The case has capacity for logs up to 10 centimeters thick.

Easy to use

This saga can all be used

SKYV AND SAG: The handle at the end is pushed in for sawing. Photo: Tools in action

Todd Fratzel at Homeconstruction Improvement has tested the case. He was skeptical when he received it, but must admit he was quite impressed after spending it for a while.

– I used the case to cloak up small trees. The case had no problems with the sheath stems of up to 10 centimeters thick. I was simply impressed how easy it was to use and how well it worked, “says Fratzel.

High up

The case also comes with an extension shaft so you can cut branches high up. It worked well, according to Fratzel. The only objection is that the case will be very big, “he explains.

Here’s the video from their test:

Chain jumped off

Dan M at Tools in Action has also tested the case. He emphasizes that you can cut the logs that lie on the ground without destroying the matter.

This saga can all be used

STRAMMING: The chain tensioner is conveniently accessible when you open the lid on the page. Photo: Tools in action

His only objection was that the chain jumped off at the start, something he fixed by tightening the chain.

skeptical gardener

– I must emphasize that I have only seen video of the saga, do not try it, says Petter Rogneby, who is a gardener and tree care at Garden shape.

– What I liked with the saga is the ability to divide things on the ground. It can be problematic with a chainsaw and time consuming with a hand saw.

– However, it stops for my part, and there are a lot of questions the more you watch the videos:

– Small application. It can handle branches up to 10 cm thick. Then this will be just a matter of pruning.

– History goes on stream and since you largely have to cut the trees where they are, you need reach to take advantage of this saga. It requires long extension cord and a lot of patience.

– I think the typical target audience for such a type of tool will not understand how chain cleaning and grinding and general maintenance should be performed. Then you depend on a well-developed service device.

Not in Norway

Currently, the case is only available in the United States, but is coming to Norway during the spring. Norwegian price is not fixed.

The price in the US is 650 kroner ($ 119). The price of the fork jacket is 215 kroner (39 $)

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