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This reveals whether the plumber keeps a goal

Here is the checklist for you who are looking for plumber

This reveals whether the plumber keeps a goal

Norwegians are at the top of the world when it comes to refurbishment. We sneak up, remind us and swear us with the paint costs like never before.

The bathroom is a popular but challenging room to clean up. Here a lot can go wrong, and it is important to use good professionals. The main choices are about what’s actually behind the tiles, and not what colors and fixtures you’ll have.

There are plenty of junk players on the market, and it’s important to find a qualified craftsman to brush the bathroom. Many have heard horror stories about bad work, high prices, delays and unreliability,

Here are the tips you need to find good, serious craftsmen.

Request references

Everyone wants to use a skilled craftsman who is reliable and who has not been involved in many disputes. How to find them?

– In general, I would recommend obtaining references before entering into an agreement with a plumber, says Kristina Picard from Storebrand. – Ask to talk to others that the plumber has done similar assignments to make sure he / she has had satisfied customers. Do not look forward to seeing a certificate, I would contact the references either by phone or email, she stresses. In addition, you must ask for final documentation for proper work. This can be important documentation for purchases / sales and insurance matters.

This reveals whether the plumber keeps a goal

REFERENCES: Always include references before entering into a contract with a plumber. And talk to more people that the plumber has worked at. Photo: Illustration photo: colorbox.com

Checklist – Choose the correct plumber

Does the plumber have master’s letters?

Here you can find out if the plumber you are going to use has master letter

Master letter register

Norske Rørleggerbedrifters Landsforening has developed a checklist for those who are looking for a plumber.

– Investigate the market. Search for organized plumbing companies at www. proper plumber. no or search broader on other relevant sites such as Find Jobs or Google.

– Investigate formalities and organizational attachments. All plumbers must have an address and a phone number to reach them. Investigate whether the company is registered in Brønnøysund or organized in the Norwegian Association of Plumbing Companies – Plumbing.

– Ask if the plumbing company has central or local approval. According to the Planning and Building Act, all craftsmen must be publicly approved – either centrally or municipally. Approval is issued by the state building engineering agency or municipality.

– Ask for wet room certificate. If it is in the bathroom or in the laundry room you should have done plumbing, ask if the company you engage has wet room certificate. The certificate confirms that the company has the necessary expertise.

– Be patient. It’s better to wait a few weeks for a skilled plumbing company than to resort to malicious businesses. The reputable companies have busy days, and it makes the useless options flourish.

– Get more offers – request references. Receive quotes from several companies. But keep in mind that quality and price are closely linked. Once you have chosen a business, check if it has experience with the type of work you should have done and ask for references.

– Describe the assignment thoroughly. Explain the assignment in writing and get as many details as possible. Be clear about what expectations you have for the final result. Keep in mind that unexpected challenges can occur along the way that make the end result different than you thought.

– Concentrate responsibility. Work on wet rooms includes several different occupational groups. The simplest is to choose a company as a contractor who can organize and take responsibility for all involved.

– Have a business trip before work is started. An exploration is a prerequisite for the company to be able to provide as accurate an offer as possible. Here you go through what to do and what are the desired results.

– Enter a written contract. A contract is both yours and the craftsman’s confirmation of what has been agreed and can prevent many potential disputes. Standard Norway has prepared free contracts for this purpose.

Are you dissatisfied with your work?

This reveals whether the plumber keeps a goal

TOTAL REPRESENTATIVE: You may want to hire a total supplier. Then the responsibility is concentrated and there is one who organizes and takes responsibility for all involved. Photo: Illustration photo: colorbox.com

Tirill Ilebekk Hansen from the Norwegian Plumbing Company’s Association – Plumbing, emphasizes that it is important to have access to a well-functioning appeal system so that you are guaranteed a smooth case processing if it goes wrong.

How to proceed if you want to appeal to a plumber:

1. Address the matter directly with the craftsman, much can be solved with a good oral review of the problem, Hansen points out. Our statistics show that most of the time there is a lack of written agreements that lead to problems – it’s a matter of being a precaution so that you do not understand what is really agreed.

2. If this does not occur – send a written complaint to the company where you request feedback within a reasonable time limit.

3. If you still do not reach agreement, the Consumer Council will next stop. If you have used a plumbing company with membership in Norske Rørleggerbedrifters Landsforening – VVS (NRL), you can get the case dealt with by a local judge who makes a professional assessment of the dispute. In 2011, the Handicraft Appeals Board was dissolved, but an alternative arrangement will be in place during 2013. Here, only complaints about organized businesses will be processed, but processing time is considerably shorter than in the public order.

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