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This replaces the panel oven

Here are the heat sources that do more than heat up.

This replaces the panel oven

This replaces the panel oven

VARMBLODIG: The deer is part of the Domestic Animals series, designed by Guus van Leeuwen. The series is currently exhibited at the Design Museum Holon in Israel. Photo: Renee van der Hulst

This replaces the panel oven

HEAT TONES: Harp-shaped Adagio is manufactured by Carisa and is led by EnercomØst. The radiator is also available in a variant that can be plugged into a power outlet. Photo: Carisa

This replaces the panel oven

Bill. Dark: Dark and glowing

This replaces the panel oven

This is the cheapest heating

This replaces the panel oven

To keep the heat inside

We have been used to the fact that wood burning stoves still come in new designs that make them more than just a heat source in the fight against the winter cold.

Something else has been with the traditional panel ovens, and maybe even the smaller radiators.

However, this is about to change.

Has been “unoriginal” so far

A radiator does not look like a radiator. It may as well be an auspicious wall or a harp.

Or what about a full-size deer?

Radiators with decorative ambitions, often called design radiators, are nothing new. But in Norway, there has been little interest in this genre to date.

It is about to change, believes the head of the Norwegian Interior Architects and Furniture Designer’s National Association (NIL), Trond Ramsøskar.

– It’s a Norwegian phenomenon that everything should be so real. Things do not seem to be anything but what they are. A speaker should look like a speaker, a radiator should look like a radiator. But now we are about to dare to get us more loose, says the NIL leader to Click. no.

Women Engage

Radiators and ovens are mostly associated with engineering, engineering concepts such as watts, cold rays and convection. Material selection, colors and design have been of secondary importance.

– But when a technical object goes from being an element of purely functional tasks to becoming a decorative element, the woman often engages more, Ramsøskar believes.

According to the interior designer, the selection will eventually flourish.

He has not yet used decorative heat sources in his projects yet.

– I do not mind that in a short time, maybe in a year, we will look at radiators and panel heaters with the same design look as we see on ceiling and table lamps. We not only want light and heat, but something that is also nice to look at.

Think of convector heaters

But not everyone in the industry shares the interior designer’s belief in this product category.

– An oven like Heatwave is a very special product. It is more a wallet than a heat source, “says consultant Knut Lyng, consultant at radiator supplier Lyngson.

This replaces the panel oven

SKULPTURELLE: The radiator of Milan from the Italian Tubes radiator is among the most sculptural on the market. Photo: Manufacturers

This replaces the panel oven

SCREEN: Arbonia Arbiter Arbiter Radiator is available in many varieties, including staircases. Managed by Variant Plumbing. Photo: Manufacturers

– We have not sold any of them yet, and do not think either this is something people want in the living room, says Lyng to Click. no.

This replaces the panel oven

HOT COLORS: The shape is classic, the colors are untraditional. The radiators in the Industrial Chic series are manufactured by British Bisque. Photo: Manufacturers

The radiators think Norwegians will continue to choose radiators that look like radiators in the future too.

– However, I think so-called convectors will become more and more popular.

This is a category of furnaces that allow air to circulate through waterborne heating elements so that the room is filled with comfortable warm air – as opposed to radiant heat, where the heat is so radiant right from the heat source.

The convectors also take up little space and are easy to embed and hide.

Waterborne and electric

This replaces the panel oven

Convectors can be built in and easily hidden, www. lyngson. no. Photo: Manufacturers

Some radiators require you to have a home with waterborne heating system. It will be a plumber job to install the radiator to the plant.

Decorative radiators online

Variant Plumbing




Panel Stoves

Glen Dimplex

Design your own oven

However, other radiators can be used independently of waterborne heating, and simply connect to a wall outlet.

Such radiators are filled with liquid, often vegetable oil, which circulates in a closed system.

These, like electric panel heaters, allow you to assemble yourself.


The choice is not always between highlighting or hiding. Many radiators are designed to perform more tasks than just heating up.

Someone can replace a regular stairgear while others can act as mirrors.

Still others can complement the image wall, because now you also get panel heaters where you choose the subject.

This way your best shots can now spread more heat than ever.

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This replaces the panel oven

SPEIL: This radiator also does the job as a mirror, www. lyngson. no. Photo: Manufacturers

This replaces the panel oven

YOU SELECT THE MOTIVATION: The Safir panel oven allows you to select the subject yourself, for example from your own photo album, www. electric radiator. no. Photo: Manufacturers

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