This prolongs the summer

With a living wall, fireplace and sheltered blanket you can extend the outdoor season.

This prolongs the summer

The fall has announced its arrival and many people therefore enter these days. But on nice sunny days it is still possible to enjoy the garden and the patio if you make it clear. By setting up a living wall, creating a fireplace and putting on lots of leather and blankets, the outdoor season can be extended a little.

Interior designer’s tips

Interior designer and owner of the shop Hemsen Interiør in Hemsedal, Marianne Hemmestad, works daily with both interior and exterior. She has created many cozy outdoor areas and shares her tips with us.

1. Create a patio that is in line with the terrain. Take advantage of the plot and the view and let nature make a contribution. The areas around the cabin, for example, offer creative opportunities, such as gathering large stones for tables and chairs.

Avoid excessive action on the site. Keep trees and shrubs, as they do not take too much of the light and the view. Build the trees and rocks on the patio. For example, set up a hammock between two large trees.

This prolongs the summer

BEFORE STORAGE: Create a sink with storage space for pillows, leather and blankets. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

This prolongs the summer

RIGHT FROM NATURE: Use nature building blocks to create small seating areas in the garden Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Sit well

This prolongs the summer

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To sit for a long time is important to sit well. Prioritize good chairs for the patio. Lots of blankets and pillows provide a warm and cozy experience.

2. Make sure you have a good dining table and comfortable seating. Create a cozy and functional seat bench along the cabin wall, with storage capabilities that can withstand moisture.

In an outdoor bench you can store pillows, blankets and leather.


This prolongs the summer

SKINN: Put loose sheepskin in the chairs and pack yourself in warm blankets. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

This prolongs the summer

TERRACE: Make a crockery on the terrace with lots of fabrics and pillows. Photo: Frode Larsen and Linnea Press

Open flames for outdoor shelters and food.

3. Create a fireplace. There may be an open fire, bonfire or an open fireplace. It gives a lot of heat, so that the outside can be extended.

Here you can also prepare delicious autumn food. An outdoor kitchen can also be handy on the patio.

Create a wall

The weather is often changing in the mountains during the fall. It is important to find shelter for the wind if you are going to sit outdoors. If you do not naturally smile from the house or the cabin walls, you can make your own living wall of wax cloth and stool, as Marianne has done.

This prolongs the summer

UTEPEIS: An integrated outdoor fireplace is both decorative and practical. Photo: Espen Grønli

This prolongs the summer

BOILER PANEL: With a tough bonfire the harvesting food can be cooked outside. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

This prolongs the summer

UTEKJØKKEN: A practical outdoor kitchen can be made by yourself. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

– Slip the enamels into the textile so you can hook it off as needed. The textile can be wax flax that can withstand water or canvas. The logs I have used are old hesja restaurants which are also rustic and decorative. The logs put you in buckets filled with heavy sand or stone. The buckets can then be decorated with moss that is held in place with hens. The wall is practical, since it can be moved where there is a need for shielding, and it can be regulated in height. For a steady living wall, the logs can be cast into zinc buckets. Then they are cast.

This prolongs the summer

Evening lights with moody lights

Outside light

Good lighting can create a magical mood outdoors.

4. Hang lanterns in the trees. You do not need to buy lights, it may be nice with empty jam glass that is hung up in steel wire.

Autumn Garnish

Decorate the patio with the treasures of the forest and invite on delicious autumn food.

5. Decorate the table with what you find in nature. Mosaic branches, cones, mosses, mushrooms and heather can be mixed with candles. On fine, smooth stones you can write some nice words or they can be used as a board card.

This prolongs the summer

LEVEGG: Protect the patio for wind with a practical living wall. Photo: Per Erik Jæger


This prolongs the summer

High cache factor space

Plants, shrubs and trees help create a lush and lively patio.

6. Fill old buckets with shrubs, berries and fruit branches. You can also plant sprawling herbs in jars and put one-legged bushes. They can be used in cooking and they provide a gentle, fresh scent. Decorate with the seasonal flowers, and decorate the buckets with moss by means of a string or hemp thread.

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This prolongs the summer

DECORATIVE: Decorate the patio with autumn colors, cones, twigs and stones. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

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This prolongs the summer

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This prolongs the summer

GREEN: Create a lush patio with plants, twigs and herbs. Photo: Frode Larsen

This prolongs the summer

FLOWER: Decoration with flowers that can withstand autumn climate. Photo: Espen Grønli


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