This place has hardly been used to you

How to find extra storage space in the home.

This place has hardly been used to you

Having a home that looks neat requires smart storage solutions, whether living large or small.

Good storage solutions are alpha and omega to keep your home organized and can make your home work bigger than it really is.

Many dare to think new about coming up with smart solutions for their homes, whether it’s furniture that hides the mess or the whole room you can hide in the closet.

But what about the stairs? According to the American design and interior design site Freshome, one can exploit the space under the steps of many smart storage solutions.

Keeps the house tidy

Building shelves, drawers or cabinets under the stairs can be a smart way to add your house extra or all necessary storage to.

According to the American website, the space under the stairs can easily be used to store clothes, books or ornaments.

This place has hardly been used to you

LAY A LIBRARY: In this home you have taken advantage of the space under the stairs to smart and decorative bookshelves. Photo: Freshome

Only imagination and creativity can put an end to it. How about making the room under the stairs into a unique bookcase? Or shelves that can show family pictures and collectibles? Or simply to practical drawers that can hide school bags and outerwear? The possibilities are many.

The room under the stairs

– It’s definitely a smart solution to take advantage of space during storage, explains interior consultant Cecilie Sletbak at C Inn AS at Ski to Bonytt. no.

Sletbak explains that she has an office space in the basement, where she has created an integrated cabinet used for storing books and pails under the stairs..

This place has hardly been used to you

TRAP WITH DREAMS: In this mini-apartment every milimeter is used for storage. Photo: Freshome

– If you put the cabinet on wheels, you can also use the space below, explains the interior expert.

This place has hardly been used to you

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– But if you, like me, will use the space under the stairs to workplace, I recommend that there are tight steps in the stairs. Otherwise, there will be a lot of dust.

Trash explains that another option may be to use kitchen trays.

– Colonial trays come in many widths and are deep and good and supreme for hats and mittens.

You can also do this under the steps

1. Build a smart little guest toilet

This place has hardly been used to you

PLAYER: Take advantage of the space below the stairs and give the children a nice playhouse. Photo: Pinterest

This place has hardly been used to you

DREAMS AND SHAPES: As simple as possible. Photo: Freshome

In the vast majority of new houses in the UK and Ireland, a small guest toilet has been placed under the staircase up to the second floor, where the bedroom and main bath are usually located.

This place has hardly been used to you

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This way you have an extra toilet in the main floor of the house, which is convenient if you have children and also does not allow guests to walk around in the more private second floor.

2. Create a cozy playhouse

Anyone who has ever seen children play has probably noticed that they love to play a cottage, house or shop.

The space under the stairs may be excellent for this, either in an open play kitchen or by building a dollroom.

Alternatively, the space can be a quiet reading corner. Put in some soft pillows, look forward to books the kids are happy to read and listen to; they have their own little quiet place.

3. Make room for a food store

Whether you are Nigella or just a small hobby cook, your own food bowl for dry foods can be both convenient and delicious.

If you do not have space for this inside the kitchen, you can use the space under the stairs. Talk to a carpenter and get a job at work. Here there can often be enough with simple wall shelves or trendy industrial shelves in steel, and a door in front.

This place has hardly been used to you

KEEPING THE BOARD: Boards or drawers, it can be smart with extra storage in the hallway. Photo: Freshome

4. Clear toys

This place has hardly been used to you

Smarter time with smart storage

Do you have children, you are probably familiar with toys that float all over the house.

And even if the children have rooms on another floor, children often like to play where their parents are. Make room for a playroom under the stairs, where the kids can have their own shelves for cartoons, puzzles and other toys and you will do the job of cleaning up much easier for them – or you!

Built bunk under the stairs

Even though she and her family had just upgraded from an apartment in the town to the suburb of the suburb, Eva Høydalsvik thinks that she could do even more storage in her new house.

– The stairs up to the second floor are in the hallway, so I think as if at once it should have been a building like this from the very beginning, explains Høydalsvik to Bonytt. no.

– There was not much work, but a bit too technically demanding that we set off even when the stairs were curved, so we used the Finnish tender service. no and chose it with best references in relation to price.

They did this

Høydalsvik explains that the first thing they did was to close the steps and build a wall that escaped the staircase.

– I had decided in advance that I would have cabin doors that do not take much space out of the room when they open. This, by the way, did not seem to be a craftsman, because he had never done before so it took time to calculate and he did a little wrong and so, laughs Høydalsvik.

This place has hardly been used to you

Photo: Housetohome. co. uk / Pinterest

This place has hardly been used to you

Photo: Pinterest

But in the end, there was both wall and cabinet doors under the stairs, and the family is very pleased with both the travel and the extra storage space it has created.

This place has hardly been used to you

When the drawer is dragged, the apartment changes completely

– What works so well is that the space below the stairs is maximized, without losing something at a time.

Høydalsvik explains:

– I had measured up in advance and told the craftsman that he had to be very nice because if he did it properly there would be room for a billy shelf from Ikea across (with 1 cm margin). He made it precise, but the shelf had to be mounted inside the closet and we had to do it 4 times before we found the only way to do it that made it possible. It now looks like it’s space-built, because it’s not a millimeter to go on in any direction.

Billy shelf now works as a sort of room divider inside the room explains Høydalsvik. The reason they have two sets of doors is that they had decided in advance that the pillows for the patio furniture should be in the room at the very bottom of the stairs.

– And the booth is not wide enough to have shelves there and also be able to move. It’s like a really deep closet. Therefore two sets of doors, explains Høydalsvik.

All doors are from Ikea.

This place has hardly been used to you

FACT HELP: Eve and the man got carpentry help for the project of building cabinets under the stairs in their new house. Photo: Eva Høydalsvik

This place has hardly been used to you

BUILDING PROJECT: Eva wanted more storage. The solution was to make stalls under the stairs. Photo: Eva Høydalsvik

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This place has hardly been used to you

BECOME THE RESULTS: Smart storage was built under the stairs of this house. Photo: Eva Høydalsvik

This place has hardly been used to you

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