This pipe job does yourself

There is some plumbing you actually have to do yourself.

This pipe job does yourself

This pipe job does yourself

The silencer is located at the end of the faucet, and you notice quickly if it is broken or needs a clean. Photo: Elin Davidsen

Your house or apartment has multiple piping systems, both visible and less visible.

Prevent damage

And while it may be tempting to summon the plumber every time something happens, there are certain things you have to do yourself too.

– You can prevent many major injuries by doing small jobs yourself, says plumber manager and general manager at Comfort Skøyen, Ragnar Larsen.

Clear the screen

If water pressure begins to drop in the tap, it is often because it is the silk that is about to seal.

The cranes are particularly exposed when the water has been closed and re-installed.

The silen is located at the end of the crane and is easy to clean.

– Unscrew the faucet and remove the screen. You do this easily without much tools. And if the silk is broken, you buy a new one at a specialist dealer, says Larsen.

Close Stop Crane

Stop cranes must be closed when the accident is first.

Therefore, it must be tested at least once a year, preferably with the whole family present so that everyone knows where and how it is done.

– It does not help if only the dad in the house knows where the stopcock is. This is something everyone must know and know if something suddenly happens. Remember to close the crane when you leave, says the plumber master.

Visual inspection

Water damage often begins with a few drops.

It’s important to check the pipeline in cabinets and other secluded places.

Check out once a year.

– Use your hands and feel both the piping and the floor or the cabinets, “says Larsen.

Leakage savers are available in different varieties and price ranges. Then you reduce both the possibility of leakage damage and the insurance premium.

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