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If you hunt for the lowest electricity price, you may not find it here.

This overview does not work

Do you plan to switch a power provider or just wonder if there are lower power prices than those you pay now? Then you have probably been through the Competition Authority’s price overview, or just let yourself be tempted by an ongoing power broker. The likelihood is that you have not found the most affordable electricity deal in this way.

– The Norwegian Competition Authority’s price overview has for many years weathered and many of the agreements in the market are not in the list, says the Consumer Director of the Consumer Council, Thomas Bartholdsen, against clicks. no.

– In addition, we have noted that some market players are conducting aggressive marketing. Their activity helps to make the market unmanageable, and the excessive marketing that claims to be the customer’s best is ultimately the customer who pays for.

Both of these conditions mean that consumers will have trouble finding the most favorable electricity deal.

A new power ticket, scheduled for mid-next year, could make it easier for consumers to find out in the market. The portal will provide a complete overview of the market for power contracts.

– We are very pleased that the Government has decided to have a new portal. It will help the offerings be better comparable, “says Bartholdsen, who adds that the best advice to consumers is to be critical of the power companies’ marketing.

– Does not cover the market

This overview does not work

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According to Thomas Bartholdsen, the Competition Authority’s overview over the years has become worse and no longer provides a complete picture of the market.

– And the Competition Authority itself has acknowledged that they have not had the resources to develop it, he expands.

Adviser to the Competition Authority, Hanneke Brouns, states that energy companies have a notification obligation for power contracts that are either spot price with premiums, standard variable or fixed price.

– We have limited the overview of these three price types because it should be possible to compare, she explains to clicks. no.

However, it means that many of the type of agreements found on the market are not included in the overview because they have different price structures.

– The companies can have as many deals as they like, but they are difficult to compare, Brouns adds.

New Portal

Bartholdsen tells consumers next year to get a new, complete overview of the various power deals in the market.

– The Consumer Council has been commissioned to develop a new portal, which will cover the entire market and is scheduled to be completed by mid-year, he says.

It will be based on a new regulation that Norway’s Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) has sent to consultation.

– We propose that power companies be required to sign all their agreements, “says section manager at NVE, Heidi Kvalvåg, to click. no.

– The time was ripe for a new price overview, explains Brouns, adding that the current overview fails to compare deals in the market that capture fluctuations in consumer day-to-day consumption.

– When more households get automatic meter reading that captures daytime variations, it becomes even more important to get these deals in the price list.

– Become incorrect

According to Bartholdsen, some of the challenges with today’s price overview are that agreements found in the overview will be difficult to find when accessing the energy company’s web sites.

This overview does not work

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– Managing web pages, but the agreement in the overview can often be hard to find. The customer can go somewhere other than what was the intention.

He believes that even if the companies claim that they are involved in product development, it is primarily on the payment side that happens.

– The electricity you get in the wall outlet is equal to either you get the power from company A or B. So when companies talk about running product development, the invoices are about. One entices several variants of invoice models, and they are the most beneficial for the company being marketed the hardest, “he said..

– Be critical of the energy companies’ marketing

Another factor that, according to Thomas Bartholdsen, is the reason why it is difficult for customers to find the most favorable electricity price, is the performance of energy companies.

– Some of the companies have large marketing devices that can provide a skew or misleading picture of what benefits can be achieved, he describes.

This overview does not work

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– It is therefore that consumers are critical of the energy companies’ marketing of certain agreements. The risk is great for being more beneficial to the company and not for you.

Among other things, he draws up agreements where paying a monthly fixed amount is insured against fluctuations in the electricity price.

– In the long run, such an agreement will cost more to the consumer than the risk of the price fluctuating. We also recommend avoiding agreements where you pay a fixed amount to get the same monthly invoice amount.

Bartholdsen believes that if you do not have a bad economy and need for predictability, spot prices with the lowest possible premium will be the most favorable deal.

– And if you’ve found a good deal, tell it to others.

Heidi Kvalvåg adds that the Competition Authority’s price overview is not a useful tool.

– Consumers should check their electricity agreement against the overview.

– The companies are the only ones who earn the agreements

Thomas Bartholdsen states that in addition to agreements where you pay a monthly “insurance” to avoid price fluctuations, some companies have also launched agreements where you pay an additional fee to get the same monthly invoice amount (the annual consumption is divided into 12 parts).

– We are a little excited about such deals because paying off fast from the price-fixing risk also loses the focus on energy economics because you no longer have an incentive to save power. Such agreements are not good for the environment. The only ones that earn on them are the companies.

Received a new agreement with her own will

Fjordkraft belongs to one of the players who market heavily, and earlier in September, journalist Inger Merete Hobbelstad wrote a comment in Dagbladet about what she calls kidnapping from the company’s side.

She tells the story of how she, as a result of a brief conversation with the seller of the power company, was moved to one of their deals, but without her having wanted a change. She would only check among the power providers who had the best offer.

Even after she has repeatedly tried to end customer relationship with them, the bills will dump into her mailbox.

This overview does not work

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In relation to this specific case, we are sorry, of course. Here we have not had the appearance we want. There has been a mistake and we have gradually tightened our routines, “says communications director Jeanne Katralen Tjomsland in an email to click. no.

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