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This one comes into your house before Christmas

When the Christmas tree is pulled into the living room, the animals wake up.

This one comes into your house before Christmas

Christmas is approaching storm storms and Christmas preparations are in full swing. Some choose to go away for Christmas shopping, while others decorate Christmas at home.

An important tradition for many is the purchase of this year’s Christmas tree. The perfect tree will be found, brought home and decorated for Christmas. But what many may not know is that with Christmas tree it follows with a flock of unbudged guests. According to the NTNU Science Museum, there are as much as 10. 000-20. 000 live insects and spiders in an average Christmas tree.

Once a reporter took me out where he bought a christmas tree below NRK. I folded out a white sheet on the ground and dunk his Christmas tree hard down the hill several times to see what fell down on the bedside. It tasted alive, Preben Ottesen told the National Institute of Public Health to bonytt. no.

Many thousands of creeps

– There are many thousands of insects in the trees, but they are small to tiny, Ottesen emphasizes. The most common are sprays, plant extractors, small spiders, dust and mites.

– A regular guest is a species called Siberian Edelgranlus, adding Arne Nese from Rentokil to. This sucks the industry it needs from the needles of the tree.

A happy news for those who do not want uninvited guests at Christmas is that the crawls stay in the tree and they dry out after just a few days.

– When we take the tree into the living room from maybe 10 degrees minus to 20 degrees plus there is a difference of 30 degrees Celsius. The smokers are exposed to a heat shock and a messenger. Unfortunately for them, we are quite dry in our houses. Many of the little animals dare out quickly and die, writes Forest and Landscape.

This one comes into your house before Christmas

YOU GREEN GLITCHING THREE GOOD DAY: In this adorned Christmas tree there are about 15,000 small insects hidden. Photo: Ron Chapple Stock Color Box

This one comes into your house before Christmas

SPRETTHALER: Spretthaler are small arthropods; Most species are around 1 mm long. According to Wikipedia, there are as many as 100,000 individuals per m³ of soil surface, in other words, the spells are a dominant group of arthropods. Photo: Producer

This one comes into your house before Christmas

SIBIRSK EDELGRANLUS: Bartrelus and aphids are common groups of tiny insects that accompany the trees. This is more sugary as it feeds on juice from the trees. They have tiny little snakes they suck. Often these suckers are considered to be pests because the suction can lead to discoloration of the needles or that needles fall off. Photo: Forest and Landscape

This one comes into your house before Christmas

PLANT SUGAR: Is a group of insects that have in common that they live from soaking out liquid (plant syrup) from plants. They have a typical body length of 0.5-38 mm. Photo: Wikipedia

Not dangerous

This one comes into your house before Christmas

Do you see which tree is real?

It may be uncomfortable to think of all the insects you enter into the living room, but they are fortunately harmless to both houses and people.

– Small animals included in the load when the Christmas tree is taken can not damage property or furniture. They have their lives and lives on the tree they were transported with. When it comes to discomfort to humans, the risk is much greater for some people to lead to different types of allergic reactions. Small spiders and lice have their lives and lives in and on the tree they have been transported into the house with. They will die quite quickly if they fall off the Christmas tree as they enter the living room. They also do not want to spread to other areas of the house, explains Nese.

How to avoid the creeps?

This one comes into your house before Christmas

SIBIRSK EDELGRANLUS: This is the most common bartrelusa on precious grain in Eastern Norway. It only lives on noble grains where it sucks on the needles. Photo: Forest and Landscape

– It’s not very much you can do yourself not to bring these little animals along with this year’s Christmas tree. The best tip will be to not think about it at all, nose prevails. To shake the tree well before you take it will probably result in some of the uninvited guests falling off, but this will only be a few. The little animals that live in the Christmas tree are equipped with a good fit of grip, which makes them cling firmly to branches and stems.

This one comes into your house before Christmas

Christmas tree for you with bad space

One possibility may be to buy a new and fresh tree. There will be fewer insects.

On fresh trees there is less creep than on weak. It is therefore enough to buy fresh trees, shake them well and take them into the living room. Someone will probably try to spray the trees with insect spray. Just remember that insect sprays are less healthy than small animals, there is more work and not least expensive, they write on Forest and Landscape.

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