This MUST you do before going on vacation

Get rid of banana fly

This MUST you do before going on vacation

It is rarely dangerous to have small insects and insects in the house. Nevertheless, many of us find that it is quite disgusting.

We have previously written about how to get rid of spiders and melbles from home.

Another common, and often unwanted, insect is banana flu. In the past, the readers came up with their own tips, where both ketchup and rotten fruit were mentioned as good aids to get rid of it.

The videos we have created in the video are taken from Everyday Roots.

1. Vinegar Decreasing

  • And jar
  • A funnel (you can make one of paper)
  • Eideridereddik, about one desiliter
  • A drop of laundry soap
  • Raw fruit or berries

Warm the vinegar and pour into the jar. It just needs to be deep enough for the flies to drown. Pour up a drop of dish soap. This will cause the fluids to get caught in the fluid. Put the funnel upside down. This makes it harder for the flies to find their way back.

2. Milk Decreasing

  • Milk
  • Pepper
  • Sugar
  • Plates

Mix the ingredients in a small saucepan and warm for about ten minutes. Pour the mix into small bowls and set around the house. According to Everyday Roots, the flu will quickly attract this mixture, but you can always add a drop of soap if they do not drown.

3. Fruit Trap

  • And jar
  • Raw fruit or berries
  • Plastic Film
  • Toothpick

Add rotting fruit to the bottom of the jar and cover it with plastic foil. You can also secure the foil with rubber bands. Punch holes in the foil with toothpicks and put more such traps in strategic places in the house. The flu shall fly into the jar without getting out. When you think there are enough flies, put the jar in warm soapy water and leave it for ten minutes to make sure they die. Repeat the process several times.

Banana fly = fruit fly

– They are called both vinegar flies and banana flies, with the official name being fruit flies. There are around 3800 species in the world, says researcher at pest control department, Bjørn Arne Rukke, at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

The flu comes into our homes by either flying in or accompanying fruit, empty bottles or anything else where fruit fly eggs or larvae are found.

– Larvae live in fermented items that are breaking down, such as rotten fruits or splashes of beer and wine. The most important thing is to fight the larvae to prevent them from getting a lot. It can escalate quite quickly since an adult female can lay hundreds of eggs, “says Rukke.

Remove the empty bottles before the holiday

Tomato packaging with remains of soda, beer and wine and old fruit are typical places they thrive.

– If a pregnant fruity female is allowed to lay eggs at your house, it may take less than 20 days before flies from these eggs can reproduce and each female can add a fair amount of eggs. If you have organic waste while you are away on holiday, there may be quite a few in the end.

Before traveling on vacation, therefore, be careful about removing food residue, empty bottles and fruit from the kitchen.

Fortunately, there are also solutions to get rid of the flu, too, if a small swarm appears in the kitchen.

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Get rid of banana flies

The most important thing is to remove your nutritional sources right away. Remove garbage more often than usual.

– The point is to prevent eggs from getting into adult flies, which takes 10-15 days from the eggs being laid. That way, you break your life cycle, “says Rukke.

This MUST you do before going on vacation

BANANFLUE: Here’s how a fruit fly or banana fly looks like. It’s actually called Drosophila funebris. Photo: ILLUSTRATION: Hallvard Elven © The Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Make sure you do not have fruit standing ahead, keep the kitchen sink clean and empty organic waste more often than otherwise.

Remember that you must also be patient.

– It may take some time to get rid of them. Adult fruitflies can live up to two months.

Sugar and fermentation

In addition, there are various traps you can make to attract the flies. According to the researcher, different types of rotten fruits and beverages could make good use as a lure.

– The fruit flies are unlikely to match the taste. They are attracted to fermentation products such as vinegar and alcohol. Beer, fruit, vinegar and vinegar are good examples of things they want to fly.

The most important thing is to prevent the flies from escaping from the trap. They want to lay eggs, and you have to make sure that these can not develop further.

It is also possible to try to vacuum the flies, but according to the researcher, this is hardly particularly effective.

The Public Health Institute does not recommend using insecticides against fruit flies in private homes.

Fine fruit flies?

According to Rukke, the fruitflies do not live in the pot plants, as many believe. This is a type of mosquito called Hugh.

The fruit flies are yellowish brown to dark brown and usually have red eyes. They are important as breakers and nourishment for other animals, so bear in mind that the fruit flies also have positive properties.

The fruit flies are getting a bad reputation because they are so easy to get home, but they are incredibly important in the context of research. They were, among other things, the first organisms sent to space, the researcher adds.


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