Your home

This measures your house

The distance gauge complements the tape measure.

This measures your house

This measures your house

End piece: With an end piece you can measure from narrow corners and it is easier to measure from outside corners. Photo: Manufacturers

This measures your house

Angle: The most advanced tools have built-in angle gauges Photo: Manufacturer

This measures your house

This is what you need to know about laser tools

This measures your house

Learn this when you want to hang something up

Roof takers use it to calculate area and painters and other craftsmen use it to calculate surfaces in connection with tenders and purchases.

Not least, it is used to measure in most contexts during construction.

How it works

Per Christian Mathiesen is a taxpayer and caretaker. He says that the laser tool is very easy to use.

– Basically, you set the back to what you want to measure, point to what you want to measure and press the button, he says to click. no.

– It can also measure from the front of the meter or from the center when you mount it on a tripod. Most also have features that allow you to measure from corners and other places where it’s hard to get to.

– The simplest variants measure up to 50 meters while the more extreme measures up to 200, tells the carpenter.

This can be used for

It’s time to start calculating area or cubicle that this tool quickly becomes superior to a tape measure.

If you set the meter in the corner and measure the distance of the two opposite walls, it rains the area at the same time.

Or the volume for that part if you also measure the ceiling height.

The more advanced also calculates the height of an object that is remote.

The meters also have a memory feature.

It’s useful when you walk around and take goals that you save and bring back to the story.

Then you’ve just made a race list.

Should you make a platter or something else that requires straight corners, do you measure the diagonals with a laser meter in a sweep.

Do not discard the measuring tape

A laser meter goes on battery and they go empty, unlike a tape measure that will never fail you.

Many people think that it is still easier to transfer targets to a table to be cut from a tape measure than a laser meter.

There are small surfaces to measure against, at large distances, it can be difficult to hit a laser.

We can say that these are tools that complement each other.

This is what you should look for

Gorm Nilsen is a tool specialist at Bosch. He tells you to get meters in all price ranges.

– What makes a price estimate is the maximum mileage, number of features, and how accurate it is. Accuracy and maximum distance go hand in hand, so that two tools can both have an accuracy of plus minus half a millimeter, but one measures 50 meters and the other measures 150.

To get the most out of the tool, with a class 2 laser, you’ll get those from around 2000 dollars.

Is it worth money?

Asking if this tool is worth money, Per Christian Mathiesen answers:

– For a taxpayer and carpenter, it is indispensable and definitely worth money. Before a hobbyist who is going to start a big project, there is something to consider. Especially if you work a lot of alone.

Following the new proposal for wealth tax in the State Budget, where housing taxes will be calculated, among other things, according to the house area, a laser meter can also be used to calculate the size of your house.


  • The laser must be kept calm when it measures, or it may be inaccurate
  • Using the tape measure to transfer the targets to the table you’re kapping, it is important that the tape measure and the laser show the same distance.
  • Are you using the laser against surfaces that are reflective, porous or transparent, you can struggle to get accurate goals. Then you can hang up a piece of white paper at the point you measure against
  • High light can affect the measurement. Ideally, the point you measure should be sharpened against strong light

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