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This means the color codes

But some professionals believe it is not necessary to be able to.

Painting the wall is perhaps the fastest and most effective way to create change at home. News is constantly being launched, both in color and the type of paint, so it should be simple enough for most people to find a color you like.

But it’s not as simple as you might think it’s going to be the dream color.

Many have found that the color that looks perfect in the store or on the color chart does not get as nice as it gets on the wall at home. Or maybe you’ve fallen in love with a neighbor’s neighbor or in a hotel room, and then try to find the same when you come to the store. How do you really know what tone color is in it? Is the rosafar a little gray or does it have a little beige in it?

And just here, color codes come in.

A useful tool

Have you purchased paint or been in the color store, you have definitely noticed that all the colors have a number consisting of both numbers and letters. Many may also have a name. The names of colors vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the exact same color has the same number and letter code wherever the paint is purchased.

– This is because we use Europe in color descriptive systems, explains Lone Bjørslev Kisbye at Flügger to Bonytt. no.

– The most commonly used is the system is NCS, which stands for Natural Color System, a system that describes the colors visually, ie the way we perceive them.

This means the color codes

CODE LANGUAGE: Numbers and letters describe exactly what color you have in front of you. Photo: Thinkstockphotos

Bjørslev Kisbye explains:

This is NCS

Natural Color System, as is known to be the most widely used color system in Europe today, is originally a Swedish system launched once in the 1970s.

– The system is used in industries where you communicate with colors, explains Tale Henningsen at Akzo Nobel.

– The system categorizes colors, making everyone understand the colors alike. The NCS defines colors according to how the eye perceives them.

Henningsen explains:

– The “color body” of the NCS system looks like a kind of globe. In the middle, the white-black middle branch forms the grayscale scale, and around all the colors are in the color circle.

The starting point for NCS is the most colourfull colors set in system:

Yellow: Y (Yellow)

Yellow and Red: Y + R (Yellow + Red)

Red: R

Red + Blue: R + B

Blue: B

Blue + Green: B + G

Green: G

Green + Yellow: G + Y (Green + Yellow)

– Order is always the same, Henningsen explains.

– This “color language” is relatively easy to learn and can make the job much easier to find out how the colors will look, not just on the small color sample, but also when they are turned up big on the wall. The code is a description of the color conditions in the color. How much black the color contains, for example, and whether it’s hot or cold. A common color language like this is a utility tool, both for those who want to paint at home, but also for professionals who work with color everyday.

To read the code

Each color in the NCS system is perceived as a mixture of three terms: suit, blackness and whiteness.

– Then it builds on the relationship to Y (yellow), R (red), B (blue) and G (green), explains Tale Henningsen from Akzo Nobel to bonytt. no.

– The nuances that occur are also the colors that are located between the main colors, mixed with color, white and black. This also produces new colors such as orange, purple, turquoise and beige.

CEO of Ifi, Bjørg Owren, explains how to “read” and understand the NCS codes:

– The codes in the NCS system consist of two links, the first of which tells something about the relationship between white, black and color, explains Owren.

– The second paragraph describes what color, that’s the color it’s about. The art is to understand the context of the code and how the colors work together.

Henningsen uses the color code 2030-Y40R as an example:

– The code is as seen from several paragraphs. Then you assume that the numbers should always have a maximum value of 100 percent.

1. The number 20 in the first paragraph indicates the percentage of black in color. Something that means that contains 30 percent white, then it necessarily contains 70 percent black. Keep in mind that a lot of black in one color makes it very dark.

2. The number 30 indicates the degree of color (High numbers indicate that the color is strong and intense). This color is only 30 percent color, and together with 20 percent black means that it is 50 percent white in color because the sum of black, suit and white will be 100 percent.

3. Y means that the color is yellow (Y stands for Yellow), with 40 percent Red (R) in it.

– From the color code 2030-Y40R, we see that this color is a relatively deep orange color, Henningsen explains.

– It may be a bit difficult to understand at first, but it all has a logic and eventually you will find that you can read much information about the color from the NCS code.

Owren takes care of the S 5005-R80B as another example:

Since the first number describes the amount of black, this color has 50 percent black in it. And when the last two figures describe how much color it is in the color, it means that this color has a 5 percent suit.

The remaining 45 percent (100 – 55 = 45) are white.

In other words, you can see that this is a color of a lot of black, Owren explains.

– It has only 5 percent color, and therefore seems a bit grayish rather than color sterk.

2. Second paragraph: R80B:

– The basic colors are shortened to the letter in the English name of the color, explains Owren.

– The colors in the system never consist of more than two basic colors.

The second paragraph tells us that this is a red (R) color with 80 percent blue (B).

Since there is so much blue in this color, we know that this color will look the most blue, but the redness will give it a little warm, “explains the expert..

– In cases where there is only one letter in paragraph 2, the color is a pure color, ie a pure yellow, a pure blue, a pure red or a pure green. If the color is on the gray color scale consisting only of a blend of white and black, then paragraph 2 will be replaced with an N since the color does not contain any of the four basic colors.

Newer Edition

This means the color codes

COLOR CARD: On Colorful color charts you get good information about what colors are in the shot now, how to match with other colors and colors you can use as a contrast color. Photo: Colorful

In 1995 a new version of the NCS colors came.

This means the color codes

COLOR SPECT: Dagny Thurmann-Hoelseth is creative leader at Fargerike and works with colors every single day. She thinks NCS codes are only for those who are particularly interested, and quite unnecessary for most people to be able to. Photo: Colorful

– This is because some pigments had been taken out of the market, explains Bjørslev Kisbye.

– There was a ban on lead-containing pigments in the paint, and the NCS had to revise the color scheme. Thus, some of the colors did not match the values.

This is what you see on some NCS codes – if there is an “S” in front of the rest of the numbers.

– The S stands for Second Edition, explains Tale Henningsen from Akzo Nobel to Bonytt. no.

– But apart from that, it has no other practical significance.

– But, warn Owren, it’s still important to tell if you are going to paint with a color that has this S in the code.

– Same code with and without S can mean that the colors are different, the expert explains.

In total, the NCS system categorized more than 3000 colors.

– The colors cover virtually the entire color spectrum, Henningsen expands.

– From bright to black, and in all color variations.

This means the color codes

NCS: The four basic colors red, blue, yellow and green are the backbone of the system. Photo: Nordsjö / Akzo Nobel

Custom Color Systems

Many manufacturers operate their own color systems in addition to NCS.

– Akzo Nobel’s own system is based, for example, on the German RAL system, describes Henningsen.

– This color chart is primarily intended for industry.

This system is not set up in the same way as NCS.

– Here the map is composed of more or less randomly selected colors, ie no colors set in system.

Unnecessary for most people

The creative leader at Fargerike, Dagny Thurmann-Hoelseth, also believes that NCS codes are a useful tool for people who work color everyday but claiming it’s just a matter of duty to make it important to read these codes for each other.

– Color codes on the many colors classified in the NSC system are for professionals and especially interested, explains Thurmann-Hoelseth to Bonytt. no.

This means the color codes

DESCRIPTION COLORS: The most widely used color system in Europe is the NCS. This system describes the colors visually, so we perceive them. Photo: Thinkstockphotos

– It may simply be a little to deal with most people who choose color for the home and it is not essential to make good choices, to understand and read these codes. Even those who work in our stores need to learn how to work with these codes, so to expect people to get into this when they “just” choose colors for the home, is just a bit unnecessary.

This means the color codes

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Thurmann-Hoelseth explains that at Colorful layers, the color charts present color schemes and visually show how colors fit together.

– The color charts simplify the process of finding colors, and this is often a much better tool for people, and enough to match colors.. To start choosing between almost 2000 shades can quickly become overwhelming and cause someone to think: “No, I can not figure this out. “

Getting help in store

The color expert explains that, for example, if you want to match a color to one thing you have at home, or in some other way need to get mixed a color, you can easily get help at this store if you do not find this in the color chart.

– Learning the codes and Slavic to follow what follows these colors together can quickly become very “school-friendly” in relation to color theory, but may lack that little extra, “explains Thurmann-Hoelseth..

– It may be good to get some advice and help, either from color charts that experts have put together, or by the services of your local color retailer, who have this as a job. Often, one must have some experience to break the rules a bit, as often it gives the most beautiful expression.

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This means the color codes

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