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This made the family room for everyday life

Renovation of apartment

This made the family room for everyday life

– We care about how we live. It was the immediate good feeling for the area and the apartment that lured us here. We saw the opportunity to change the rooms, and realized that this could be a good place to be, says Kari Anne Fosser.

The jumping up the stairs is well worth the effort. For the top awaits the roof, an almost graphical view of the city’s roof, the pipe hats stand like silhouettes against the sky.

Kari Anne Waterfalls often sit at their self-made kitchen table and just look beyond the roofs are easy to understand.

Once upon a time, this was a rural area, until big and small loops and the Bislett Basin was displaced by a capital in growth. St. Hanshaugen is today the city’s green alibi, where the children get out of bed while the parents enjoy the best of the best coffee.

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This made the family room for everyday life

Open the nest OPP. Instead of tearing down the wall between kitchen and living room, Kari Anne and Bjørn Sverre retained the original flute doors. “Being able to shut down the living rooms is of great value for a small-child family,” says Karia Anne. Also the floors are original, carpeted from Gan Rugs. Steel lamp from Jieldé. The paintings are by Jannik Abel. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Comprehensive refurbishment

The family lived in the apartment while they were renovating. Everyday life was the cleanest round dance: they moved from room to room, so all rooms in the apartment were sometimes used as bedrooms.

– Yes, we’ve really lived in! Fortunately, we had been through a refurbishment on each side. The experience made it a great experience to feel our first home together.

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This made the family room for everyday life

GOOD NOK: The bathroom is like it has been for 10 years – the only dirty room. The expression still resists its contemporary. The washbasin is made of concrete after the measure of the previous owner. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Unchanged with three living rooms

Keeping three living rooms for stables was never applicable.

The kitchen, which was small and impractical, was moved into the light from a small room on the north side. The inner living room is now a kitchen where there is room for more activities than cooking. Kari Anne is a graphic designer and jeweler, both she and her children unfold their creatures around the table. This is one of several reasons why the old wing doors were kept.

– We are particularly pleased that the kitchen can be closed off and become a room for itself. And equally pleased we are that the kitchen is part of the living room when the doors are opened.

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This made the family room for everyday life

MAINTENANCE: The walls in the bedroom are painted in the color Lady Lys Aubergine 3206 and contribute to the warm and cozy atmosphere. Painting by Arne Jan Espeland, bedspread from Hay. The fabric-plated pendant is from Tine K. Home, table lamp from Habitat. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Must suit both children and adults

This made the family room for everyday life

TWO SELLS, SAME STAFF: Kari Anne and Bjørn Sverre have inherited identical office chairs after each grandfather. Makan! The chairs are now retired and refurbished according to all the rules of the art. Painting by Jannik Abel. Shelves from Swedese. Manhattan Cabinet in yellow from Röshults. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

The apartment is furnished for both children and adults, but far from everything is on the children’s premises.

Here are exclusive sofas with light woolen cloth, but look, it does not have a stain on it.

– We convey to the children that some of the furniture is more careful than others. As long as we explain why, they accept it. Perhaps they learn to appreciate their own things over time. But compromises are obviously also. Such as the TV chairs have a patina of prim and yogurt and that the children get to do as they want in their own bedrooms.

– We love the children’s own art, which has a very own and wonderful imperfect expression. Periodically we have covered the entire kitchen wall with children’s drawings. The children’s unaffected stretch has something completely unique.


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