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This lamp has real branches

The Danish designer literally takes nature into the design.

This lamp has real branches

This lamp has real branches

Louise Campbell

* Born in 1970, resident in Copenhagen.

* Started own studio in 1996 and is today one of Denmark’s leading designers.

* Special focus on lamps and furniture, increasingly on product design and interior projects.

Read more about Louise Campbell here.

This lamp has real branches

Christmas presents from 40 kroner

This lamp has real branches

Designed for good sleep

Danish Louise Campbell creates bright spots.

She does either she designs furniture, tableware or lamps.

What are you working with now?

– A pair of new lamps for Louis Poulsen and a chair for Duba-B8. Among other things. In addition, I rotate with a project close to my heart, a rack that is virtually impossible to manufacture and which I will never get rich, but I can not afford to continue with.

How challenging is it really to be designer?

– Design is a strange subject. I’m launching just a handful of new products a year, and many think well: How difficult can it be? It’s a nice job? But in reality, every single realized product is a power performance with associated constant turmoil. Everything can always go wrong, and only when the product is in the price tag shop, I can relax.

Who has inspired you the most?

– Nanna Ditzel. For her strength, experimental stiffness and rigorous judge. If she liked something I had drawn, I was indifferent to what the rest of the world meant. She once held the world’s shortest speech to me: “Louise thinks new. Think for yourself. Do as planned. “Those words are still my mantra, and every day I do what I can to live up to them.

What do you want most people to say about your products?

– They like them so much that they want to own them.

When did you last be annoyed by poor design?

– Today. I’ll be there every single day. It’s a professional injury. From drinking my morning coffee in a hopeless cup at the local cafe to the freaking kiosk with a lightning from hell, to the impossible thermo cookie that causes me to spill coffee over my papers in meeting a customer and finally when I stand in front of my own door and the key still does not fit completely in the lock. It happens all the time.

Do you feel that you are doing something important?

This lamp has real branches


– The type of design I deal with can be seen as contributing to bright spots in everyday life. Explore more or less. Candles are not indispensable, even when they come in the form of weekend breaks, red wine or kisses, but they really help to keep us up and running.

Does the world need more products?

– Absolutely not! The world needs fewer but better products. Therefore, I try to draw products that are as good as possible. They will be interesting, beautiful and uplifting to live with today, tomorrow and when I’m a middle-aged lady.

Can good taste be learned?

– Good taste is a fy-compilation of words. It’s inflexible, narrow-minded and obscene. But good sense can be trained to some degree. It’s about searching, looking and looking for both the big and the small, to seek out quality, soul and presence.

Are you reading interior magazines?

– Yes, sometimes.

Which interior style do you like the least?

– Copies of residential reports.

How do you live yourself?

– In the center of Copenhagen, in a nice but dark apartment.

This lamp has real branches


What is at the top of the wish list?

– Unfortunately, the list is longer than an owl’s wing tension is wide right now. But at the top there is a new, nice, comfortable sofa. Or two. Which I can not find.

Where are you looking for furniture?

– I prefer to replace my colleagues. Perhaps some of their readers want to change their sofa with my?

What does your dream home look like?

– Large, friendly, bright, airy, old, creaky, smelling, attentive and peaceful. I have a view to the sea, woods, mountains, fields, meadows, water and city. It is located both far from and in the middle of everything. Perhaps I really should live in Oslo?

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