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This is what you do when the flood hits

These are the things you should do to limit flood damage.

This is what you do when the flood hits

It is reported about the so-called 50-year flood, which means that water may end up in many basements, partly due to poor drainage.

So what do you do when the basement is turned into a swimming pool? One of the first things you should do is call the insurance company.

Then we get the damage done as quickly as possible, initiated the process and requested the help needed, says communications manager at If, Jon Berge, to click. no.

Take Precautions

The best thing you can do in a situation of high rainfall is to get any damage in the purchase.

If you fear that water may penetrate the home, you should ensure the values ​​in advance, highlight Berge.

– For example, clear away all that is valuable from the basement, and move the car to a higher point if it can be exposed.

Unplug the power and dock the house

This is what you do when the flood hits

Doing this is flood damage

At Finance Norway, they have advised on how to deal with flood damage on housing.

“Remove fuses for electrical installations for the floor that has been flooded”, they include.

Furthermore, they are advised to remove water-damaged floor coverings and carpets.

“If you’re home, open the doors in the basement and possibly. external doors and windows in damaged housing. This accelerates drying “, they recommend further and also advise setting up fans on the damaged floor to enhance air circulation.

They also emphasize that if water heater and electrical equipment have been under water, do not use this before it is checked by an electrician.

And if the flood hits the worst imaginable way, so that the masses underground are washed away, FNO gives the following advice: “Buildings at risk of” flooding “must be docked, possibly. must basement be filled with water “.

Different types of basement floods

According to the information leaflet “Important to know about basement floods” from Norwegian water, there are four different ways the water may penetrate a basement:

  • The water penetrates the house drainage system.
  • The water penetrates through the basement wall or basement floor.
  • The water penetrates through the cellar window, garage door, or other outer openings.
  • The water flows from leaky water installation.

Norsk Vann is an interest organization and is owned by Norsk Vann, owned by Norwegian municipalities and municipally owned water and drainage companies.

– Do not pump the basement empty of water

If you are so unlucky to have the basement full of water, it is not a good idea to empty it as quickly as possible.

– In the event of a flood, there will be as much water on the outside as the inside. This water will exert a pressure on the foundation wall, and if the water is removed internally, the pressure could cause damage to the foundation wall, “says senior engineer at the Dibk, Fredrik Horjen, the click-through engineer.. no.

Do this by flood

  • Contact the insurance company as soon as possible so that the damage restraints can start.
  • Remove fuses for electrical installations for the floor that has been flooded.
  • Empty the building for water that is not clean.
  • Open doors in the basement and possibly. external doors and windows in damaged housing. This accelerates drying.
  • Install fans on damaged floor to enhance air circulation.
  • Clean sludge etc. and clean.
  • Check drain if building is in use.
  • Underwater water heater and electrical installations must not be used before the equipment is checked by an electrician..

Sources: Insurance Norway and If

– It is therefore best to wait for the water to disappear on its own.

May cause major damage to the base wall

The most dramatic of flooding and floods is that the water can flush away the ground on which the house is standing.

– The result may be sentence damage to the foundation wall, and in the most esptreme cases, the entire house will have to be demolished, explains Horjen, explaining that the reason that the basement flows full of water is that the drainage around the house fails to take away all the water.

– This causes the groundwater to rise around the ground and begins to penetrate through all openings that exist.

Here you address damage

The Norwegian Water Brochure has listed which agencies and agencies should be contacted by flooding and / or flooding.

Acute situations (excluding office hours – call watch phone):

  • Plumber, plumbing company or sludge company
  • Insurance
  • Fire Service
  • City / VA agency (in office hours only)

Issues on your private plug-in:

  • Plumber, plumbing company or sludge company. See the internet or yellow pages in the phone directory.

Lens Pumping:

  • Fire department or technical agency in the municipality.
  • Plumbers, plumbing companies and sludge companies usually have equipment that can soak up wastewater.

The municipality / VA agency answers questions about:

  • Action to protect against basement floods
  • Drawings of the installations
  • Type of drainage system housing is associated with
This is what you do when the flood hits

Innbo covers symmetry

Dense gate shutters during the daytime:

  • Municipal road – municipality
  • County Road / National Road – State Road Administration

Are you unsure what the way it is; check the municipality’s website.

Information about the type of drainage system to which the housing is attached and general advice and drainage instructions are often available on the municipality’s website.

Covered by the insurance

Usually damage caused by flood and floods will be covered by the house insurance. It is Norsk Naturskadepool that coordinates the payment in connection with natural damage. On their websites, they inform about how to deal with insurance.

“All buildings and movables insured against fire damage are automatically also insured against natural damage. This follows from the Natural Damage Insurance Act. The scheme is administered by Norsk Naturskadepool, where all non-life insurance companies in Norway are members. Through this arrangement you are guaranteed compensation for natural damage. In addition to the common compensation terms that the companies have agreed on, you may have further coverage through your own insurance company, and it is therefore advisable to contact your company directly to find out what compensation arrangements apply in your case ” they write on their web pages.

And even if you fail to take your precautions to reduce the damage, you will not risk a shortening, which can generally occur if you act negligently.

– In cases of natural damage, there will be no shortage. We have one of the world’s best natural damage insurance, “explains Jon Berge.

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This is what you do when the flood hits

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