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This is the same living room

Therefore, do not hesitate to style your home before viewing.

This is the same living room

To style your home yourself

– Clean and wash the home well before viewing

– Remove all personal items and images

– Please place a few plants and a dish with green apples on the kitchen counter, for example

– Clean all soaps, laundry baskets, dorrows and garbage bins in the bathroom.

– Decorate the bathroom with scented candles or a pair of fine telescopic handles, if any towels are laid out.

– Put bedspreads in neutral colors on all beds and wipe away clothes and other mess.

Source: Siri Haust, Your Housing Designer

– When selling the property, it is important to show it from its best page. The first impression is absolutely crucial if potential buyers are attracted to your property.

Siri Haust, owner and general manager of your housing stylist says. She has several years of experience in housing sales, housing sales and advice on renovation and sale of housing.

Style the residence before viewing

– By using home styling, you will appeal to a wider range of potential buyers. With an attractive housing ad and more stakeholders on the pitch, you can also get faster sales and a higher price, says Haust.

She explains that the goal of home styling is to make the home airy, delicate and attractive, as well as create a good atmosphere during viewing. This is done by the stylist furnishing and decorating the color, style, age, location and audience of the home.

– A delicate, light and stylish home makes it easier for buyers to look after their own furniture and interior design than if the home is overgrown and reflects the seller’s personal style, the home stylist.

Liv Ellefsen, owner and general manager of Creative Housing, agrees.

– We usually buy housing with the stomach feeling. If you prevent buyers from seeing themselves in the home they do not get the good stomach feeling, Ellefsen, who has been living with housing styling for 12 years.

An investment

It usually costs to sell a home – especially if you choose the wrong real estate agent.

If you choose to style your home before viewing, this will often cost between 5-25,000 kroner depending on how much your home is and how much furniture and decor you are going to rent.

Should we believe the experts, however, you are advised to spend a little more on typing your home before viewing.

– To style the home is no extra expense at the top of the broker, taxpayer and photographer – it’s an investment, says Haust.

Ellefsen agrees, but points out that style homes do not necessarily have to cost a lot of money.

– In most cases, sellers have enough things that can be used to style the home before a view, “says Ellefsen.

Carina Myhrvold, general manager and interior designer in Creative living, says that they often mix new and old when they stylize homes.

– We believe in a personal and more genuine styling, but we also take into account, for example, the buying group and area. For example, if the apartment is on the fourth floor without a lift, it will attract fewer elderly people, for example, in an urban area, it often attracts younger people, explains Myhrvold.

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This is the same living room

BEFORE AND AFTER: The living room before and after housing styling. Photo: Your housing stylist

Do it yourself

If you feel you have a good understanding of color, space and interior, you can also try to prepare yourself.

– The most important thing is to think that the entire dwelling should have a “red thread” so that there will be color harmony throughout the home, says Haust.

Ellefsen advises you to clean up all personal items and images.

– I do not need to know which soap and toothpaste you use. There are such things you should remove before viewing, she explains.

Lightly set candles, pillows and lights. This gives a sense of cosiness and cosiness, and helps create a good feeling with the particular buyer.

– The most important thing is to find a balance. Put something on the kitchen counter, but not so much that there is no bench space. You will create a pleasant atmosphere, not limitations, says Ellefsen.

Myhrvold agrees.

– You should think that the home you are selling should almost appear like a hotel room. Almost impersonal, but nice, she thinks.

Fall also recommends that you remove things that may make the home seem less effective.

– Remove dark curtains to display the windows in its entirety. Also remove small furniture and large floor plants to make the room bigger, she advises.

However, if there is one thing you should avoid, try to sell an empty home.

– An empty house is never good. People lack the imagination to see how it can be, Ellefsen points out.

Does the buyer wonder?

Thomas Bartholdsen, Executive Vice President of Housing in the Consumer Council, has previously stated to Click Housing that he believes that the elements in styling are there to make you less critical of the housing.

This is the same living room

EKSTREM PROCEDURE: Here the housing stylist has chosen to paint the room in a neutral color, as well as remove unnecessary interior. Photo: Your housing stylist

It believes Ellefsen is wrong.

– Styling is not there to trick the buyer, but rather to create an idea of ​​how the home can be used and give inspiration, she explains.

– You wash the car before you put it out for sale. It is in the nature of the matter when you sell something, I mean. The buyer must be able to look past the pillows.

Myhrvold agrees with Ellefsen.

– Home styling is by no means done to trick the buyer, but rather shows the potential of the housing, “says Myhrvold..

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