This is the same house

Old villa became open airy house.

This is the same house

This is the same house

Ikea with this year’s coolest advertisement

This is the same house

This is the house of the future

This is the same house

Wallpaper shelves Norwegian architecture

This is the same house

Yes, there is a bed on the wall has written about the house in Canada that has undergone a total transformation.

The starting point for rebuilding was a classic Victorian house in Ottawa, Canada.

The owners wanted to create a new and modern home of the old historic villa.

The chosen architects Kariouk Assosiates for the job.


The owners of the house presented a plan of how they spend their time, for the architects. They described how much time they spend on morning tea, lunch, tv watching and sleeping.

From this, the architects could see what needs to be covered in the house.

The location and functionality of the spaces were planned based on the needs and habits of the owners.

Some of the conclusions from this process were, among other things, that the bathroom is as important as the living room, and that the living room is also a place where they can relax while watching television and reading.

This is the same house

FLATING BOXES: The living room is open plan and it is also open to the last floor that extends to the ceiling. The smart white rooms are open but at the same time private. Photo: Photolux Studios (Christian Lalonde)


The house was opened up between the floors. The rooms on the main floor were also opened up.

A new staircase was inserted between the basement and the main floor. It goes in the middle of the room. From the middle floor to the top floor, the staircase is laid to the south end of the house, behind a light wall.

The small original windows are replaced by large windows both in the front and rear so that light emits from the garden and the driveway, and so there is a review of the accommodation.

Space in the air

Of course, the family had some very own needs. They have a collection of several thousand books that should be made available.

In addition, they had to adapt children’s rooms and parents’ bedrooms to the new open solution in the house.

This is the same house

EXCHANGE: Here you can see the collection of books and how the room is built with the gallery in the middle floor. Photo: Photolux Studios (Christian Lalonde)

In order to make the privacy necessary for bedrooms, the bedrooms became as hanging boxes inside the building.

This is the same house

AVAILABLE LIGHT: The large windows on either side of the house allow the light to flow through the house. Photo: Photolux Studios (Christian Lalonde)

The same solution was also chosen for the library.

The rooms hang up in the open roof. They are private, while they are bright and open, because you can see the windows and other rooms from here.

Cabinets, bathrooms and stairs are hidden in the south end of the house behind a panel that extends from floor to ceiling.


At the top and in the front of the house, the parents’ bedrooms extend out and above the entrance.

It forms a kind of canopy over the entrance hall.

This is how the facade of the Victorian house changed and it has taken a step further into the future.

Great commitment to the house

The designers in Kariouk Assosiates found that clients had strong opinions about the process.

What were the biggest challenges with the redesign of the house?

As with all projects, the biggest challenge was to get the customer to participate and believe in my vision for the task, “says Paul Kariouk, designer of the house, to click. no.

This is the same house

STORAGE ROOM AND KITCHEN: The long table by the kitchen, right by the staircase hiding bake the paneled wall. Photo: Photolux Studios (Christian Lalonde)

– It’s a rarity that customers rely entirely on the architect, but here I was lucky for the customer was 200 percent engaged.

This is the same house

OWN ROOM: The owners wanted their own room for the books. It has become one of the hovering elements in the airy building. Photo: Photolux Studios (Christian Lalonde)

– Of course, we had many discussions and disagreements along the way, but the customer always saw the big picture, he says..

Was there ever a theme to tear the old house and build a new one?

– No, never. The owners had a vision of what they contacted me. They wrote: “We are looking for an architect who can help us now our vision of reconciling 84 years of history by integrating a modern, open and functional space in a 1924 landmark”.

The landmark was thus the Victorian house on the banks of the Ottawa Canal.

– A key element in the interior of the house was the brick walls. We wanted to preserve these and thus also the bulk of the original house, says the architect. “It was also about being humble about the history of the building.

What do you think is the most interesting thing about Echo House?

– Asking a parent what is most interesting about his child, the answer will be quite cluttered, Kariouk believes. “A child’s personality is hard to define, and Echo House is one of my children,” says Paul Kariouk.. no.

This is the same house

WINDOWS: Large windows are installed in several places in the house. Photo: Photolux Studios (Christian Lalonde)

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This is the same house

GREAT CHANGE: Lots of light from large windows, and extensions that characterize the entire shape. Photo: Photolux Studios (Christian Lalonde)

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