This is the house of the future

We should look after these architects in 2010.

This is the house of the future

The British Wallpaper Wallpaper has listed five architectural agencies they consider it worth keeping in mind.

What they believe the five representatives of “next-generation architects” in common are youth and aspirations.

Another thing the five architectural communities have in common according to Wallpaper is that their first work is multi-functional building that with its design capabilities meets a complex and densified everyday life.

It also appears in their first work.

Wallpaper believes the crucial factor for sukess or failure lies in the estimate; nothing carries more than a successful job that gets global attention.

Primus Architects, Denmark

Primus Architects were established just over a year ago. They have even designed their premises in the old Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen.

One of their first projects was Skybox House, built on the remains of an old house (see the picture at the top).

The sky is perceived as a fifth facade because the house sheds light through several large skylights.

Eastoffice Architects, Australia

Eastoffice was established in 2006. During the first four years, the office completed five private projects.

They have also noted their initiatives for sustainable development.

Akihisa Hirata Architectural Office, Japan

This is the house of the future

Photo: Eastoffice Architects

Akihisa Hirata Architectural Office is renowned for highly complex workers.

He has previously worked for the world-famous Tokyo Ito, before starting himself in 2005.

In addition to being noted in competitions both nationally and internationally, he teaches at four universities in Japan.

CDS Architects, Belgium

CDS Architect’s first work together was completed only a few months ago, and is located in Antwerp city center.

This is the house of the future

Photo: Akihisa Hirata Architects

The townhouse is five storeys high and has large glass surfaces to emit light in the narrow building.

Solid Objectives Idenburg Liu, USA

The fifth and last architectural office Wallpaper mentions Solid Objectives Idenburg Liu.

It’s a small office that reaches out to the rest of the world from the office in Brooklyn.

This is the house of the future

Photo: cds architects

They are involved in the entire process around their projects and have already designed a house for designer Ivan Chermayeff and a shells-shaped wedding chapel in China, as part of an architecture exhibition there.

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This is the house of the future

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