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This is the hottest interior trend now

Now the old jeans trouser can be the hottest pillow of the fall.

This is the hottest interior trend now

This is the hottest interior trend now

INDUSTRIAL: Labor Lust shelves the hard-working industrial worker. Turiform has hit the core of the trend with its new collection. Photo: Producer

This is the hottest interior trend now

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This is the hottest interior trend now

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This is the hottest interior trend now

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This is the hottest interior trend now

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In the autumn honest workers and industry will be honored through jeans, worn materials and reuse in the interior.

Exclusive and flashy products end and focus on social fellowship and handmade products with character.

The industrial worker is today’s hero.

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Trendy jeans

Jeans have their renaissance in the interior this fall and are predicted to be one of the most important materials in the trend “Labor Lust” of the Danish pej group.

– With Labor Lust, we return to the industrial community and shelter manual work, jeans and rustic materials, says trend analyst Jakob Søndergård from the pej group trend lecture at this year’s gift and interior fair in Lillestrøm.

– We want products that have a history, and like to look worn and handmade. It’s time to show off and stick out with flashy products. Jeans are an important material this autumn, which most consumers can relate to.


Also in the fashion world, jeans are predicted to be one of the hottest trends in the fall. And if you have a creative spire in you, your old jeans can get a new and trendy life like pillow or puff.

– Labor Lust is the trend of the autumn I believe most, Søndegård tells the click. no. It is the trend that is most innovative, and I think we will see for a long time to come.

Trend analyst and color manager for Jotun, Lisbeth Larsen, sees that this trend is a big and clear trend now. Jotun has developed a new color for Sens called Denim Blue.

– It’s about tapping everything down to the clean and honest, she says. – Now all shine and brand hysteria will be gone, and the focus will be on matte surfaces, reuse and handwork.

I see it as a positive trend, and especially that one wishes to bring forth the importance of making something self and be proud of the arts. Everyone can decorate a home with expensive design products. The challenge is to create something personal and personal by mixing handmade or old items with new ones.

Sweet sins

Another important trend this fall has the peek group called Sweet Sin. It is a contrasting trend that appears a bit more feminine on the outside, but with rough and masculine details.

– With Sweet Sin, the romantic style will break a bit with raw and surprising details. There must be a balance between the delicate and feminine and the tough, masculine.

This is the hottest interior trend now

PUFF: Why do not you sew the old olabuksa di to a trendy puff? Photo: Producer

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This is the hottest interior trend now

FEMININT MEETING MASKULINT: In the trend Sweet Sin, colors and soft shapes are in stark contrast to rough details and motives. The silk pad from Funkle is a good example of Sweet Sin. Photo: Producer

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