This is the garden Norwegians like best

Trend list is uplifting for gardeners without green fingers.

This is the garden Norwegians like best

This is the garden Norwegians like best

How to win the neighboring row

This is the garden Norwegians like best

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This is the garden Norwegians like best

French style in the garden

This is the garden Norwegians like best

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A study of more than 8000 blog posts written by Norwegian garden bloggers shows that the three most important hague trends in Norway for 2010 are:

1. The natural and wild garden

This is the garden Norwegians like best

Top 10 global hobbies

Despite the increase of individualism and own opinions about how each garden should look, the report has identified ten converging global trends.

1. The kitchen garden

The kitchen garden is probably the biggest global trend at the moment. The main purposes are to save money, cut down on the number of shopping trips and most importantly to get a better understanding of where the food comes from.

2. The organic garden

The resistance to the use of pesticides in food production is increasing, and as a result organic gardening is clearly on its way up. This is a trend we saw last in the Western world in the late 1940’s and 50’s.

3. Wellness Hagen

Around the world, more people want to make use of the garden to find peace and quiet. In 2010, we will use the garden to relax after work, charge the batteries and live quiet holidays in agreement with the surroundings.

4. Design Hagen

A stylish and fashionable garden relies on a helping human hand. Landscaping and styling gives garden owners an opportunity to express themselves and their personal wishes, and the result often becomes green artwork.

5. The natural and wild garden

Unlike the styled gardens described above, there is also an increasing trend towards creating a natural wilderness, especially in the western world. Instead of the tidy, well-organized garden, many gardeners prefer to let nature go its way.

6. The social garden

There is an ever increasing tendency to use the garden as an extension of the kitchen and living rooms. Evidence of this is the development of garden furniture, outdoor kitchens and heaters. Our gardens become social areas where we are enjoying ourselves together and gathering to celebrate weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

7. The urban garden

Although it’s cramped on the terraces, balconies and porches, this engaging and passionate (often young) gardener does not stop. The growing phenomenon of “geriljahager” in public spaces is proof that lack of space does not stop urban gardeners.

8. The lush garden

The joy of hard work and effort in the garden that gives great results will never go away. It’s less about structure, planning and style, and more about the effort you make in gardening.

9. Potted Plant Hagen

Growth in potted plants continues all over the world at great pace and shows that not everybody has a lot of space or time to use for gardening. In 2010, we will see a further increase in this wave, in particular the growing of vegetables becomes important.

10. Greenhouse Hagen

For gardeners, the green house is the place where serious gardeners are born and you are not a true enthusiast without having a greenhouse in the garden. Working with greenhouses is high-level gardening in the blog world.

Source: Global Garden Report 2010 (pdf)

2. Greenhouse Hagen

3. Design Hagen

Globally, the three are respectively 5, 10 and 4. See the list of global trends on the right.

Unlike who blogging

The head of the Norwegian garden company, Thorgeir Næss, has read the survey to assess whether the garden company should look into the future with new eyes. He stumbles a little over the results.

– I had thought that kitchen gardens would come further up in Norway, along with greenhouses and wellness. I really do not have a good explanation of why the natural garden, the driving hub and the design garden are highlighted, but think it may have something about who blogs and who does not blogging, says Næss.

The design garden is high on the list, therefore, it can be seen that those who work with this type of gardening are also more active on the net.

– Norwegians are keen to do things themselves, and then they want inspiration online. This change is strong among those who are keen to develop the garden and they may use blog and internet forums more actively to share inspiration and ideas, says Næss.

Blogs from 13 countries

It is the trend analysis company Kairos Future who, on behalf of Husqvarna and Gardena, has studied 1.4 million blog posts from 13 countries. The results are now presented in the “Global Garden Report”.

Blog posts are from Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, UK, and the United States.

Look no further over the fence

The report shows that individualism in the garden is becoming increasingly popular all over the world and that this trend is driven by the increased use of social media and the network’s potential for sharing inspiration.

Using blogs, garden enthusiasts express their green passion, and they are encouraged by their gardeners online to design their unique and individual style, instead of looking over the hedge to see what their neighbors are doing.

Status Symbol

The report shows that gardening has an increasingly global trailer.

The interest in gardening is high among bloggers in emerging economies like China, Russia and Brazil.

The garden seems to have become a status symbol in countries with rapidly growing middle class like South Africa and Poland.

Organic Obama

The western horticulture is changing and traditional gardening is shifted towards a more relaxed approach led by passion for nature, wildlife, organic cultivation and food plants.

The kitchen garden is actually the hottest trend among world garden bloggers , a trend that received tremendous attention last year when Michelle Obama made part of the White House Plow into an organic vegetable garden.

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