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This is the cheapest heating

The air-to-air heat pump extinguishes both the wood stove and the pellet stove.

This is the cheapest heating

This is the cheapest heating

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This is the cheapest heating

Steer away from cheap heat pumps

This is the cheapest heating

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This is the cheapest heating

To keep the heat inside

The cold season has come and with the increased heating requirement.

How to ensure optimal heating?

Power prices increase and with that expense, even if you change the power supplier.

Therefore, there is good reason to consider exchange of heat source.

Click. no have done calculations of the following four alternatives: Modern wood stove, pellet stove, air-to-air heat pump and electricity.

Air-to-air heat pump was the most favorable option. Almost 2,000 kroner annually we have calculated the savings to be related to electric heating, and even higher if the electricity prices rise.

The table looks like this:

Heat Source

One-time investment

kWh price

kWh price including share heating w / power

Air-to-air heat pump

$ 22,000

71 øre

79 øre


8000 kroner

100 øre

96 øre


$ 20,000

97 øre

95 øre

The column “kWh price incl. share of electricity heating” is the most relevant because none of the heat sources can fill the entire heating requirement alone, so the residual need must be covered by electricity. We have also included investment costs with 15 years of repayment (12 years on heat pump).

Our calculations have been reviewed by Enova Svara.

Air-to-air heat pump

These parameters have been used in our calculations

  • Power price: 91 øre / kWh (Week 42, including network rental)
  • Total heating requirement: 14 500 kWh
  • Wood stove efficiency: 0.64
  • Pellet efficiency: 0.77
  • Annual heat factor heat pump: 2.16
  • Burning value at: 1325 kWh / m3 (Bjørk, loose)
  • Pellets: 4.8 kWh / kg
  • Price New Wood Stove: $ 8,000
  • Price New Pellets Oven: $ 20,000
  • Price New Heat Pump: $ 22,000
  • Fuel cost pellets: 2.9 kr / kg
  • Fuel cost at: 765 kr / m3

We have based our calculations on the following basis:

  • Annual Consumption for Heating: 14500 kWh
  • Power price: 91 øre / kWh (Week 42, incl. grid)

For the air-to-air heat pump, we have ended up with a fuel price of 79 øre per kWh, which covers 60 percent of the heating requirement of the pump. In addition, we have also included an investment of NOK 22,000 in new heat pump. This is the most affordable source of the comparison.

According to the Norwegian Heating Pump Association (NOVAP), it is crucial that the heat pump is installed properly to get the estimated savings.

– In addition, it is important that the heat pump is positioned to ensure the best possible spread of heat. A qualified installer, who will find the address on our websites, could recommend the best location, “says information manager at NOVAP, Ingrid Røeggen, to click. no.

She adds that it is also important that you do not fall for the temptation to buy a cheap heat pump because it can eat up the entire gain.


For the wood stove we have assumed that 50 per cent of the heating requirement is covered by the wood burning stove and that a new kiln costs 8000 kroner in purchasing. The result was a price of 96 øre per kWh.

This is the cheapest heating

Pure heat source: Vedovner provides an acceptable heating economy, and even better with a stonemasonry that empties the heat. Photo: Scan

– We who work with wood, of course, want more people to use for heating, and we will argue that a wood stove provides a positive contribution to the indoor climate in the sense that it provides for a faster replacement of the air, “says general manager of the Norwegian interest organization. Know, Oddvar Espegard, to click. no. “Of course, we are also aware that wood burning in densely populated areas can be a burden for asthmatics.

Espegard emphasizes that to make full use of a wood stove it is important that it is not too big and that it is fired properly.

– It can also be a bit too small than too big because a large oven can simply give too much heat.


With the wood stove, the pellet stove was the most expensive option. It has a kWh price of 95 øre. Then we have estimated that it covers 70 percent of the heating requirement, and an investment in a new oven of 20. 000 kroner.

– The reason that the price of pellets in small bag is so high is that demand is not big enough. With higher demand and larger deliveries to small consumers, distribution costs will be lower and the price will follow, says the consultant at the Norwegian Bioenergy Association, Arnold Kyrre Martinsen, to click. no. “Especially in areas with greater demand, it will be good for a price decline.

This is the cheapest heating

PELLETSOVN: The pellet stove has not completely taken off as a heating source. This is primarily because the price of pellets is high. Photo: Gorm Kallestad / Scanpix

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