This is the best terrace scrub

Essves Terra Scrub Torpedo Max Best in Test.

This is the best terrace scrub

This is the best terrace scrub

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This is the best terrace scrub

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This is the best terrace scrub

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Terraces lying flat on the ground can certainly be fun to make and it is also not required to apply.

But wood types, floorboards and treatment methods are not the only factors you should check in the woodworking.

Summer is the season for mounting the decking. The range of screws is large and it is not always easy to choose the right one.

This is the best terrace scrub

TERRASSESKRUER: Test facts gave SP Sweden’s Technical Research Institute the task of comparing terrace screws. The result shows that the durability of the different screws varies greatly. Photo: ESSVE

Durability varies

The following screws were tested:

Biltema 87-0227

Clas Ohlson 40-7336

Essve Torpedo Max

Grabber TU

Gunnebo Fastening Thread Screw

Heco TFT


VSB Turbo

Testfakta is a Swedish independent testing and research company specializing in laboratory tests and evaluation of consumer products. Read more about the test here.

Test facts recently gave SP Sweden’s Technical Research Institute the task of comparing terrace screws.

The result shows that the durability of the different screws varies.

For some brands, up to every fourth screw should be discarded. Essves screw, Torpedo Max, however, made the best of the screws tested.

Newly developed tip

The screw has a newly developed torpedo spray that causes the wood to get a minimum of cracks and reduced torque. The tip hugs directly, which will make installation work easier and more efficient. Newly developed milling rods under the screw head also provide an effective lowering of the screw without tiles and cracks.

Market leader Silje Netskar in Essve says she is happy for the result, but not very surprised.

– Essve Terra Screw also came best in Testfakta’s survey in 2006. We are of course continuously working on improving our product range and the Torpedo Max screw is one of our newer products. That’s why it’s nice to hear that she got the highest score, she says.

How to turn a screw in wood.

Coarse diameter

The torpedo screw must have a life span of at least 15 years if used in the environment it is designed for. This applies, for example, to coastal areas with moderate salt content or areas with a higher level of air pollution.

It also has a rough diameter to cope with the movement stresses that a larger terrace experiences. Vinnerskruen you can buy all Byggmakker stores, and in most other construction products throughout Norway.

Cracks occur

Hyttivivs expert in building technical questions Per Christian Tellefsen emphasizes the importance of good screws.

– Terry screws made of poor metal and reduced slightly, they also have poor drilling power. They can blow the wood to crack. Screws without a rifled underside on the head also cause cracks around the head when pulled down in the table. That means guaranteed chip in the fog after a few seasons, he says.

Parties better than nails

The advantage of the terrace screws is that they attach the tables better than the nails, their heads do not work upwards as nails do after a few years and you can easily turn the tables up if something needs to be removed. Even though a good and bad screw for confusion looks the same, it’s hard to save the cheapest, he continues..

You should also check what slot the screws have. Today there is the “Torx” in the shot, and in some shops you will no longer be able to screw with normal head (gap or cross).

– Torx is a very good system if you have the right torx bit, but without it you are helpless. Loose bits usually disappear sporadically during the construction process, so it pays to have some extra in the correct dimension.

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