This is the best cleaning tip in the bathroom

Once a week you should wash the bathroom. And then the man, or the men in the house, should sit when they pee.

This is the best cleaning tip in the bathroom

Cleaning for Christmas is a tradition, but also a necessity.

And it’s about doing it in the most fashionable manner.

Cleaning of bathrooms belongs to the things that should be done regularly. But first and foremost for aesthetic reasons.

– If there are sick people in the house, it will not bacterial regard be important to wash the bathroom more frequently than once a week, says special advisor Institute of Technology, Inger Dahl, to Bonytt. no.

– Men should sit and pee

One of the best cleaning tips for the bathroom according to Dahl are men who are sitting instead of standing.

– To keep the bathroom cleaner, the men should sit when they are peeking. Because that way, there will be much less spills around the toilet bowl.


This is the best cleaning tip in the bathroom

These are the new cleaners

Lime deposits on the shower walls are some of the things that should be removed regularly.

According to Inger Dahl, this makes it easy to spray on a detergent that is lime-stripping and then wash with a coarse sponge.

– If you do not do it regularly you will eventually see a gray coating on the joints.

She emphasizes that it is important to be careful about the joints when using lime removal agents.

– Clean the joints with clean water before the lime remover is used. This is to prevent removal of the cement joints, which are lime-based.

Mirror and floor

After taking the shower, it’s a mirror and a washbasin. It’s all about just using clean water and microfiber cloth. It can also be used outside the toilet and on the cistern and in the shower if you do not have to remove lime.

– Finally you can wash the floor, says Dahl, adding that the toilet bowl should use its own brush and a special product.

Moisture and fungus

Although it is first and foremost aesthetic conditions that determine how often you should wash, it should not be too long between each time.

This is the best cleaning tip in the bathroom

You do not really need other cleaners

The biggest problem in a bathroom is often moisture problems and the risk of mushroom growth, Dahl emphasizes.

– Mushrooms may be harmful to allergy sufferers because they can inspire mushroom spores.

Disinfection by disease

The only time you need to use powerful means is if there is a disease in the house.

According to Dahl, it may be sensible to clean with chlorine because it disinfects.

– But the bathroom is only bacterial until the next person comes back to the bathroom.

Two cleaners sufficient

According to the Danish website bolius. dk is two cleaners sufficient to have a shiny bath.

You need a universal cleaner and acetic acid or citric acid.

This is the best cleaning tip in the bathroom

The castle’s best cleaning tips

“The universal cleaner is used to clean and dehydrate dirty surfaces while diluted acetic acid or citric acid is used to remove the lime and clean the toilet”, writes the site.

According to environmental consultant Hanne Svenningsen at the Information Center for Environment and Health, use as few cleaners as possible.

In addition to the two above, she recommends using detergent.

– You can use dishwashing liquid. a. use for cleaning surfaces that are only slightly dirty (dirty). Dishwashing liquid is a bit milder than universal cleaning, she says to the site.

The Svenningsen also advises to purchase eco-labeled cleaners, either marked with the Swan or the Flower.

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