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This is the best Christmas present

We have tested both classic variants and feet with pedals, springs and other technical devices.

This is the best Christmas present

This is the best Christmas present

Shrinks: The end pieces on the foot of Clas Ohlson turn out and make it difficult to disassemble the tree. Photo: Øivind Lie

This is the best Christmas present

Stuck: The end pieces on the Lifetime foot are attached so that they do not turn out. Photo: Øivind Lie

This is the best Christmas present

Pigg: At the foot of Skeidar, the pig is more like a bulk. Photo: Øivind Lie

This is the best Christmas present

Boil the Christmas tree for 20 minutes

This is the best Christmas present

How is the tree going this year

This is the best Christmas present

This tree does not sprinkle

The time has come for choosing this year’s Christmas tree, Many may have already taken it indoors and taken precautions to prevent it from getting cold before it’s been on Christmas.

But when you have picked up the Christmas tree from last year, you promised yourself to replace the useless thing.

Then this test can be helpful. We have tested eight Christmas celebrations. The winners are one foot from Krinner and one from Easyfix.

Easy Mounting

– A Christmas tree should make it easy to mount and disassemble the tree, says Per Kveim Christmas Trees in Treungen, reminiscent of the fact that the noble tree has a larger root diameter than the usual spruce.

– Therefore, you may want to go a little, he explains.

It’s also important that the tree has enough water, so it’s advantageous with a large amount of water in the foot so you do not have to get used to it.

Finally, a tip is that plastic has poor cold resistance. You should be aware if you put the tree and the foot out, Kveim ends.

Design and price are not included in the assessment.


We have also tested the stability of the foot.

It’s especially important if you have young children.

We have also evaluated the building quality of Christmas gifts.

The pig is important

At the bottom of the foot there is a spike. This is important because it attaches to the tree at the bottom of the stubble. This tree does not make it difficult to correct, as well as being unstable. An exception here is the Hamre foot that has a conical shape that makes the same usefulness. This spike must be as sharp as possible. Then the tree feels easy, with a dunk into the foot.

End caps

On the Christmas rackets with screws, the end pieces are located at the end of the screw that pushes towards the stem. These are often screwed and can expel when disassembling the tree.


We have picked up products with a wide range of mechanisms and designs. Those we have found have a usable distribution, preferably in the big chains.

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